Charly Boy Vows To Ride His Bike From Abuja To China On One Condition…Find Out What!!!


Na wa, since the season of the trekkers began, I guess Charly Boy would kick start the season of okadas.

The veteran entertainer, Charly Boy has boasted that he’ll ride his power bike from Abuja to China if……….

Indirectly responding to the new trend of Nigerians who are trekking long distances to celebrate the victory of General Buhari at the presidential polls, Charly Boy has pledged to ride his bike from West Africa to Asia if the president-elect fulfills one thing during his administration- making the Naira as strong as the US dollar.

Una remember D guy wey trek from Lagos to Abuja? Another Malam wan ride bicycle from Sokoto to Abuja. All for General Buhari, hummmmmmm! Makachukwu, if Buhari fit make 1Naira become 1Dollar, In the next four years.I go ride my Bike from Abuja to China I swear” wrote Charly Boy on his Facebook page today, April 30, 2015.


    • @Vicky and gab, u gat 2 show some respect. If not for these avenue u cannot go any inch near Charlie baba to talk.


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