Expert Reveals Night-time Beauty Secrets For Glowing Skin


People today have adopted an extremely busy lifestyle. They are so into their professional lives and daily chores that they completely neglect their own self. After a tedious working day, when they return home, they hardly get any time to relax and rewind.

If you too are one of those who comes straight from your office and retires to bed before nurturing your skin, then this one might just prove beneficial for you. Here are some night-time beauty secrets that you must try, to get a glowing skin.

#1. Always remove your makeup
Before you go to sleep, remember to remove your makeup. Not removing your makeup can adversely affect your skin by blocking up the pores. If you regularly leave makeup on your face overnight, you can get a dull and pimply skin. Your skin also does not get to renew itself or breathe overnight. This results in a loss of glow and freshness from your skin. Look for a gentle makeup remover that is alcohol-free, and cleanses your face completely.

#2. Use a sulphate-free cleanser
For younger and supple-looking skin, always avoid sulphates. They are strong detergents that can leach vital moisture and nutrients from your skin. So, look for the cleansers that do not contain sulphate. Such gentle cleansers typically use milder cleansing agents that avoid stripping the skin of its rejuvenating oils. When washing your face, apply the cleanser on wet skin, rub gently in circular motion, and then wash off for best results.

#3. Avoid toners
While most of us believe in the mantra of CTM, or cleanse-tone-moisturise, the fact is that toners are at times unnecessary. In fact, most toners can damage your skin due to their high alcohol content. Alcohol will dry out your skin, leaving it duller and more damaged over time. So, do not fall for the toner hype and avoid using them on a regular basis for the betterment of your skin.

#4. Always use an eye cream
Eyes are one of the most neglected parts, when it comes to following a beauty regime for your face. You put cream everywhere except for your eyes, leaving them to fend for themselves. But, you must not ignore this vital area. Get a gentle, non-allergic eye cream that contains retinol, peptides, vitamin K and/or vitamin C. These agents will reduce pigmentation, improve blood circulation and reduce fine lines, giving your under eye skin a much needed rejuvenation.

#5. Moisturise your skin
No matter how oily you feel your skin is, you must not forget to moisturise it at night. After you wash your face, apply a gentle gel, lotion or cream, depending on how greasy your skin is. This would ensure that your skin gets the proper nourishment it needs. To prevent the ageing of skin, look for retinol, peptide or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)-based creams to improve collagen synthesis. To avoid acne, salicylic acid or AHAs are the way to go. And for pigmentation, vitamin C, kojic acid and alpha arbutin are the vital ingredients that will help give your skin the brightening it needs.

#6. Go for home-based remedies
Home-based remedies are undoubtedly the best way to take care of the health of your skin. They are easy to make and have huge benefits for your skin. So, below are some easy-to-make home-based remedies for your skin.
For dark circles:
To get rid of dark circles under the eyes, put black tea bags in the fridge. Once they are cold enough, take them out, and keep them on your eyes. Let them stay for 10 minutes and remove. You would not only feel relaxed, but regular application of this will also remove the dark circles completely.

For dull skin:
To bring back the glow of your dull skin, mix buttermilk and mango together in a mixer. Apply the paste on your face, let it stay for 10 minutes and then wash it off. The natural lactic acid present in buttermilk helps in skin rejuvenation and brightening, while mango gives your skin an antioxidant boost. Do this once a week for best results.

Having these useful tips handy will surely give a boost to your determination to get a perfect skin. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and adopt these skin-rejuvenating mantras starting from.


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