Female Bankers Fight Dirty Over Rich Businessman

It’s a shame the rate at which some ladies of today are loosing their pride and morals carelessly all because of money. One of them went behind the back of her colleague to corner the fat account of a businessman after giving the man her body. The second lady also gave her body to the man but the man still gave his account to just one of them. More photos below:



*Why did you go behind to take his account after I took you there. You are mad. I will deal with you!

*The man no like you, na me him like. Is it my fault? I gave him what he wanted and got the account!




  1. i need a lady to settle down with, who is from d eastern part of nigeria and reside in lagos working and cute and pretty my bbm pin 5629f77e

  2. seriously banks need to stop dz theat dey gv to their marketers, tz more like dey r even advising d ladies to sell their body, most do wen option no dey… but Abeg dz ones worse, belittle ur slf n going to dz extent cos of one useless man n his money… hmm indeed d horror d@ money will cause, money will not b able to solve.

    • i dissagree wt u totally dnt call dem idiots dey re only tryg to protect deir jobs or do u ve any wrk to gv dem if dey re sacked wtout u askg dem to pant down before u gv dem another job

  3. We will keep apportioning blames from the girls to the banks, the man and to the economy. As for me it should not take place again. The fight was not necessary, it just exposes the girls and the bank.

  4. It is getting crazy out there in the banking industry in Nigeria. This is just an extension of what girls practice in universities to buy the conscience of unprofessional lecturers. This is equally a call for discipline for men to avert the avarice of been flexible on sleeping in stinking toilets all in the name of exploitation. Let us avoid gender discrimination and focus on professionalism.

  5. well,the most important thing in life is not how well you ended but where are you spending eternity….my help comes from God who made heaven and earth.

    through all my pains and attacks insults met upon me, i still stand on Christ the solid rock,Amen.

  6. They would be praise and be bless course God love them and want to use them to reviw teaching cox since the young staff are like this what about the lili in the Senius

  7. Stop blaming the Bank. They are doing their business how employees go about to achieve their target is their business. Notwithstanding, it is shameful and thus does not convey any moral gesture among the employee!

  8. The banking industry is crazy to expose their female staffers to such humiliation that makes them trade their bodies to fulfill their deposit targets tied to their employment.

  9. Show of shame. One word to rate them;They are Loosened lady. Anything on trousers can go. The rich gay they were fighting about might be a Ritualist.


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