1. this is very incredulous &a height of barbarism in a modern age where people struggle to be champion in scientific inventions, while south Africans bent on discrimination and resultant xenophobia… one can really adduce the reason the white subjected them to apartheid. They themselves would have done worse if they where in the white men position.. The government of south African should do well to stop this before it regenerate to regional war.

    • african union should step in quickly and restore sanity in south africa.However the african union headed by south africans for many years is now a degenerate hopeless institution

  2. this picture is heart breaking. what aid are Nigerians receiving presently over there or is Nig govt dat silent dat children are beginning to face the trauma too. this is enough n d hatred is too bad dat Nigerians there are helpless. we adore everyone in our country both foreigners n citizens, but we are not just appreciated in some countries. May God help us.


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