Hausa-Yoruba Conspiracy Against Jonathan Must Be Addressed, Niger Delta Group Says


A Niger Delta pressure group, the South South Voice has described as unacceptable the way the North and the West truncated the second term ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan. It warned that the nation may face another round of crisis unless issues relating to alleged conspiracy against the people of the South South is addressed.

The group, in a letter addressed to President Jonathan, signed by its National Coordinators, Victor Tamarapreye and Michael Akpodore alleged that Jonathan was manipulated out of the contest therefore it will be unjust to hand over power to Muhammadu Buhari who the group described as the beneficiary of the “Hausa,Yoruba conspiracy”.

“We the undersigned for and on behalf of numerous concerned people of the South South geo-political region of Nigeria, wish to inform you that, we are not happy with the way and manner the election was conducted and it will be wrong to hand over power to the wrong person.

“The election was rigged massively to favour Gen.Buhari and we will not accept such result. Even though we are heading to court but we want to warn first so that Nigerians will understand where the trouble is coming from when it commences.

“Secondly, you Mr President was coaxed and intimidated to accept the outcome of the election by the International Community and the so called peace makers Committee in Nigeria.

“There was a gang-up against you from the Northern part of Nigeria irrespective of party line, as well as the issue of under-age voters which we all saw in several northern states. You have performed more than any Nigerian president has ever produced in your first term in office,” the letter read.


  1. It is already too late to cry when the head is off the neck, we are all aware of the hausa-iyoruba conspiracry against the man whom has done so well for the great nation. He has conceded defeat for the sake of peace and tranquility, in the same vane let him hand over for the sake of peace across the nation

  2. Some people WĩƖƖ just wake up from τђξ wrong side one ♍õяπĭπg ǎ̜̣̍ŋd think all they could do is to say something or do something that WĩƖƖ triger violence in this country all in τђξ name of being recognized that they exist ǎ̜̣̍ŋ∂ such people can’t be able to even stand a war when they see one. i pity this minority set of fools 4rm some part of τђξ south south,not all of τђξ south south sha, just some small number of idiots

  3. So pathetic d way d northern & west conspired 2 turned against Mr president Jonathan.
    All is cos of selfish gained & i knew all is d hand worked of Obasenjo.
    One thing is dat our oil money will not be partly or be a sources of d incoming administration, or 2 sustained dis country any more.

  4. The best way to make your fortune Is to let people see clearly that it is in their interests to promote yours. (Jean de La Bruyere, 1645-1696)..yorubas started AD (alliance for democracy) a state party which later became a regional party and now transformed to a national party….Opposition through APC which Yorubas champions its course is not against the person of Jonathan rather is against PDP as a party continuation in power…..can’t you all get it?

  5. Hey, in my opinion I think the south-south youth should leave everything in the hands of God. What is done is done. Game over. I believed in Goodluck Jonathan, but if we try to form resistance or rebels, we might ignite a second war that won’t be good for us. Let’s support the next government and watch what they can offer. To me, Jonathan is the best amongst others. For peace to reign, we have to admit the results. God bless you all

  6. It must be from bomb-to-bomb. They conspired against our man; Buhari must pay so dearly for it. We’d render Nigeria cashless. U are talking trash — u’ll recorgnis it when there’d be scarcity of: fuel, desiel, Kerosene etc. Nigeria will neva no peace anymore, can we bet? Each of us have already fortified ourselves. Thunder fire u all. Don’t 4get dat we’ve already blown one pipeline.

  7. Nobody conspire against GEJ but he himself,the political machinery of this country work against him.we all know how many state North have and how many people registered in the North….so Mr President failure start long ago even among the so called PDP member,he’s a leader but fail to put his house in other then opposition take the advantage and it work for who to blame…………

  8. The never accepted that mr president has done pretty well all because he‘s not an hausa or yoruba and he allowed democracy at its peak to rule the nation and never used any force on any man nor state, honestly the massively rigged of the election in the favor of GMB of the APC is injustice, like of equity and unacceptable.

  9. They call us the minorities yet the rely on our rich heritage for survival, they marginalise and relegate us to the background simply because we are of the minorities, but I’ll like to stress it out that we have learnt over the years to b self reliant. To the westners, u have been the Judas of Nigeria from the begining, To the hausa’s, you have been the source of terror in Nigeria from the begining, and non of you has contributed any quarter to the Economy of Nigeria. Thank God today, our eyes have opened(Southerners), if u feel u can rob us of anything again then ure joking, Ur boko haram act of idleness is a big decieving force in ur region, I’m proud to say that if anytn goes wrong, we will not spare even a fly from ur rotten milk (yorubas included).

  10. Northerns and southern raining insult on thesame is that the kind of legacy nigerians which to leave on it so disappointing that simple politics which we all we leave for our generation unborn we don’t have control over. The problem is not our region or. Ethic group it is us that is the problem your country is suppose to be a home for over 500 different ruler power equally distribute if and hausa man is the hard and igbo should fellow and if also an igbo man become the hard and hausa man should we should all learn that our heros past. Came together and fought for our land and we should all not learn to think that nigeria belong any region wen they are in rule It BElong to the igbos hausa yoruba delta benin calabers inrespective of were u come form we should learn to distribute power not hold on to ur population and regional wealth our politician has fail to motivate us right oSas. Form benin IGBINOSA OSAGIODUWA

  11. Let’s stop d fight nd focus on how we can help build our country to greater heights. We re one Nigeria! We shouldn’t be cultural or religious bias. Pls let’s stand together to help make our country move forward. We all need each other