“I Once Lived A Life Which Wasn’t Mine”- Toyin Lawani Shares Words Of Wisdom…

Here is what the businesswoman wrote today


Hope y’all understand shorthand!

“When God wants to use you no man can stop it….over the years ive learnt God is the only answer to any Problem in ones life,Turn to him&you will see his wonders..u dnt need to prove to people that u knw God,they will see it by themselves,Alot pretend to knw him bt dnt,cause if they do u will see it in their character&in hw they treat others secretly ofcourse,competing& pretending to d world youre nice is a game even God sees through…

Dnt forget instagram is jst a place where all kinds of people come to lie,write things they dont do,show what they dnt hv or borrowed,post comments so u can think they are Good peoples,forming busy so wear clothes take pics &go bck to bed/post food they dnt even know hw to eat/ photoshop wht they look like,compare to wht they look like in reallife,filter their skin,All in the name of vanity,i might dance in d chuch of d lord everyday&still not post it..

.i post mostly my work cse dts wht i care to share with d world,anythingelse dts got to do with my life ul pay to watch it on my Reality show cse im a biz woman….let him show in u,people will see it,u pretend to the world ure Gods child bt in secret ure sending curses to ur nextbeing or trying to seduce their man or forming a Gang to Destroy peoples image or happiness?is dt life?..At this Age&time every1 is Growingup&learning more&bettering themselves??life is to short to hate others,show love &love is all ul get bck,i say ds all d time ,Before u knock others dwn make sure u knw d true story,U knocked them dwn yesterday bt today they sit in a thrown dt can never be Taken frm dem…Guess why???cse they sitn on Gods laps..i once lived a life dt wasnt mine&i wokeup everyday&prayed 4d life i hv nw,God gave me courage whn i was in d cold,i looked ard &saw no1,wasnt easy bt he was thr all tru, whn i look at my kids/my work i smile and say Thank u lord, u did it 4me..Never take d name of d lord in vain,without God we are all NOT ING. #wordsofwisdom#knowthembeforeyoulovethem #Happysunday”


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