Indiscipline, Impunity, Bane Of PDP’s Electoral Misfortune – Ekiti Senator-elect

PDP1The Senator-elect for Ekiti Central, Mrs. Fatima Raji-Rasaki, has identified indiscipline and impunity as the bane of the Peoples Democratic Party’s electoral woes, even as she described the defections in the party as “a disgrace”.

The senator-elect, who spoke in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital on Tuesday, also argued that the National Working Committee of the PDP had failed the party, and canvassed for “a more disciplined and strict approach to the implementation of the party’s constitution, in which the NWC will not allow governors or some members to be above the constitution of the party”.

She said, “The number one problem of the party is that we have a constitution that we do not follow. The NWC allows the governors to hijack the party and this is wrong. Everyone should come under the party, not that the governors will be controlling the party.

“When we begin to reform the party, any governor or member, who will not want to be under the control of the party, can go. We must insist on party supremacy”.

According to Raji-Rasaki, those politicians, defecting to other parties, are parasites.

She added, “Such people are like parasites, eating on the party. They contribute virtually nothing to the party and that is why they could easily fly away like butterflies. The APC should be wary of them in their own interest and by the grace of God, we will not take them back in our party. Those of us, who still believe in the party, and that will remain in the party, we will make sure that we rebuild our party.

“The PDP had seen enough of fair-weather politicians” and suggested that “they should go and form their own party”.

The senator-elect described President Goodluck Jonathan as “a man of peace, who said his ambition is not worth the blood of any man and he kept his word”.