Indonesia Convicts Sang Praises To God Before Execution – Witnesses


As they walked to face the firing squad on an Indonesian prison island, eight condemned drug traffickers defiantly sang praise to God, witnesses said, while in a town across the water a group of tearful supporters was also uniting in song. Read more as reported by the AFP:

The convicts — two from Australia, one from Brazil, four from Africa and one Indonesian — made the long journey from their prison to clearings on a prison island to meet their fate early Wednesday. But rather than bow their heads in defeat and resignation, the convicts all reportedly refused blindfolds and raised their voices in song, including a rendition of “Amazing Grace”, until the gunfire from the firing squads rang out.

The husband of Pastor Christie Buckingham, who gave spiritual guidance to one of the Australians in his final moments, said his wife told him the men conducted themselves with “dignity and strength until the end”. “She told me the eight of them walked out onto the killing field singing songs of praise,” Rob Buckingham told 3AW radio in Australia.

Across the water in the town of Cilacap, the final crossing point for inmates destined for death on the high-security Nusakambangan island, a small band of mourners held a candlelight vigil, and also sang “Amazing Grace”. The haunting sounds filled the night sky, drowning out the sobs of those too distressed to contemplate what was taking place in the jungle-clad hills of the prison island. One man wailed loudly and implored Indonesian President Joko Widodo to have mercy. Another supporter read out the names of each inmate one by one.


  1. Nigeria Govt Should Wake From There Slumber They Should Not Only Think Of How Much They Want To Put In To There Account,they Should Think Of Out To Protect There Citizen And Make Enabling Enviroment For There People

  2. Its A Pity We Lost Our People To Abject Poverty In The Hand Of Less Country So Call Indonisian,our President Elect Pls Safe Poor Nigerians From Abject Povert

  3. Its High Time To Put Good Nigerian At The Post Of Foriegn Affair Minister Some Body Like Abike Dabiri Who Has Passion 4 Her Citizen Rather Than Some One Willing To Gain Govt Incentive

  4. Many Country Like Austiralian Are Not Willing To Let There Citizen Burired Over There,but Not Like Nigerian Who Doest Care Where There Ciziten Was Laid To Rest Shame On U

    • I thought of that too yesterday and I was really saddened at our government’s seemingly lack of interest in the case. Australia recalled their Ambassador from the country after their pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. They also repatriated the corpse of their citizens to be buried in their country, not so for the Nigerians. God have mercy.

  5. Nigerian Clamoured 4 Change And Almighty Answer To There Praye Can Nigerian See How Our Govt Are So Weak.Any One That Can Never Avoid To Buy Shoe But Today Can Wear Any Latest In The World,see How Weak We Are,we Are The Most Intellectual Person In The World Still Yet We End Up In Poverty Line

  6. No Nigerian Willing To End Up The Way A Dealth Penalty Was Carried Out In Indonisian But Cos Of I Want To Be, See How We Lost Our People,take A Trip To Tripoli In Great Jamariyah (libya) Check How Many Nigerian Lost There Life Inside Meditaranian Sea Cos Of How To Be Somebody

  7. Its High Time For Our Govt To Wake From There Slumber Cos Time Is Coming No One Will Like To Endager There Life And Revolution Would Be A Next Option

  8. The So Called Nigerians Who Met There Untimely Dealth In The Hand Of Indonisian Govt.They Are Purely Child Of Less Nigerian,do We See Any Govt Reprisentative Fight For There Freedom ? Capital No,cos They Are Voiceless People.How Long Can We Countinue Waste Our Cityzen In The Hand Of Minor Nation

  9. Nigeria citizens have suffered a huge lost in the hands of many countries under one incompetent president Mr Gej how I wished that God had never punished us like this with this Saul who never sees anything wrong from the death of his fellow citizens. God have mercy

  10. Is a lesson to others who still want to engage in the act, pls oets try to be invokve in clean business it doesn’t matter if we earn 100naira in a day than to take risk

  11. shame for my country Nigeria, it has four people executed no one talk,I never surprise since innocent are not safe,0 Southerner make can not travel with drugs,thank God no almajiri from North.

  12. Bashar dauda even though no almajiri, look at ur thinking d r human being anyway u people don’t value life in d north so am not surprised

  13. I have been studying in Vietnam for almost 2 years now and never for once has the Nigerian ambassador in Vietnam visited my university to say a bit of a “hi”. He has never called for a get together party like other ambassadors. So self centered and money thirsty. Nemesis awaits such people in their self believed fortress of wealth and rotten ego.

  14. This is the GEJ igbo’s are clamouring for could not rescue their children is A pity. Is hausa or yoruba affected now anyway To God be the glory. We could have suffer the same thing for another 4yrs.

  15. @Michael, was GEJ on the throne 17 yrs ago, I think some of the convint has stayed in the prison 9 yrs b4 GEJ ascended the throne? Y not brame other political leaders that were there b4 GEJ? Will u also advice Nigerians not to involve themselves in risky businesses just bcos of money? May their soul rest in peace.

  16. It’s so sad we have lost our beloved ones in the name of drug trafficking! Lets us not forget that we are all sinners, mere mortals, the reason Christ died. He represents forgiveness and you should forgive 70×7. It’s is sad that the Nigerian government did not flex diplomatic muscles like the Australians did. That’s a reflexion of the attitude of our leaders , just because the political arithmetic in Nigeria does not yield the best of leaders! My beloved Nigerua when will you be counted in the committee of nations? May their souls rest in peace; divine comfort to the bereaved!


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