Jonathan Sacks Abba As IG, Appoints Arase In Acting Capacity

Suleiman AbbaPresident Goodluck Jonathan has sacked the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba and appointed Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, as Acting Inspector-General of Police.

According to a statement by the president’ spokesman, Reuben Abati, the sack of Mr. Abba and appointment of Arase take immediate effect.

Until his appointment as acting IG, Mr. Arase was the Head of the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department.

Mr. Arase holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Law, as well as Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Political Science and Strategic Studies.

He is also a Fellow of the Nigerian Defence College.


  1. Abbah is an illiterate IG. He is not refined at all. He is so good at eye service. Have u all forgot that this same Abbah was the one that withdrew Security personnels from the speaker of the House of Rep because he decampd PDP for APC. I do not know if Abbah is knowledgable enough to know that Nigeria Police Force is not for any political party as potrayed by his action. I also do not know if Abbah knows that the security personnels attached to the speaker is not because of him Mr Tambuwa as a person but the office he occupies. What ever we do people are watching u. Buhari’s good name of 1983-85 is speaking for him till today. Good name should be our target what ever office we occupy.

  2. He’s a good riddance to bad rubbish,after all he’s has complete his task for GEJ and of no use to him again. My question now is: what legacy has he left behind?

  3. GEJ didn’t act well by sacking Abbah bcos he has really compromised his actions in favour of him. I wonder d gossip that has charged GEJ against Abbah it must b an expensive type.


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