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28 year old, Nikko Jenkins who was sentenced to Death for shooting four people to death in Omaha, Nebraska in August 2013 within 10 days less than a month after being paroled from prison for serving a 10 year sentence for armed robbery and assault charges. since that time, Jenkins has tried to convince people that he is mentally unstable.


Nikko Jenkins

Jenkins who after his trial and conviction recently tried to carve the number ‘666’ on his forehead but the attempt was botched due to the fact that he used a mirror while carving the number so it turned out to be an upside down series of ‘9s’. He wanted it to “show the mark of the beast” as described in the book of Revelation.

Jenkins told his public defender, Tom Riley, about the incident in a phone call from his cell in Omaha, Nebraska. He also spoke with Douglas County District Judge, Peter Bataillon, about not receiving treatment for his alleged mental instability and he asked that Bataillon order the Nebraska State Patrol to investigate. Bataillon declined his request.

During his trial, a doctor who was called to assess him called him a “psychopath”and “one of the most dangerous person” he had ever met. it is still unclear as to whether or not the act was a stupid one or a ruse to avoid the death penalty but this would not be the first time Jenkins would self mutilate. His death penalty hearing was delayed last year by Bataillon when he discovered Jenkins had fashioned himself a swastika, similar to the one the California murderer, Charles Manson, has on his forehead.

Also Jenkins had pleaded not guilty, guilty and then not guilty on grounds of insanity during his trial but the Judge did not believe him and sentenced him to life. Jenkins claims that he is commanded by the voice of the serpent god which compels him to do the things he does. Prosecutors however discounted his claims stating that the ‘voices’were an invention of Jenkins to escape conviction. According to reports, psychiatrists cannot agree in Jenkins’ diagnosis. About the same number believe that Jenkins is faking it as those who say he is schizophrenic.

Jenkins wrote to Battalion calling for the sack of Tom Riley and his team. He stated that; “ineffective counsel in direct violation of said plaintiff’s 6th amendment right.” He claims that police evidence against him was “brought about by unconstitutional methods that offend a sense of justice.”

Although Riley is still representing Jenkins, Omaha Attorney Ed Hotz has been hired by Douglas County’s insurance carrier to represent Riley against Jenkins in his lawsuit against the public defender.

Claiming that Jenkins’ lawsuit will have no influence on his office’s representation of Jenkins, Riley said on Thursday, April 23, 2015, “If that were the case, all defendants would have to do is sue us and they’d never have to have public defenders.”

After months of delays, Jenkins is scheduled to go before a three-judge panel in July to determine his fate, unless there is a repeal of his death penalty by the Nebraska legislature.

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