MURIC Asks Buhari To Reject Suleiman Abba’s Sack


The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has urged the transition committee of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to declare the sack of erstwhile Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, by President Goodluck Jonathan, as having no effect.

The organization described the sack as curious.

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President, Reuben Abati, had in a State House press release on Tuesday afternoon announced Mr. Abba’s sack, which he said was with immediate effect. He also announced Deputy Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, as his replacement.

“President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has relieved the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba of his appointment and duties with immediate”, Mr. Abati said. He gave no reasons for the sack.

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MURIC, through a statement signed by its Director, Ishaq Akintola, condemned the president’s action and said it was imperative for Mr. Buhari’s Transition Committee to “declare clearly, unequivocally and unambiguously that no unnecessary eleventh hour appointment can be made otherwise such will be declared ultra vires and of no effect whatsoever”.

“Emergency appointments by outgoing administrations, including those of state governors, are made with sinister motives”, MURIC said.

“People’s mandate must be jealously guarded. Nigerians voted for change,” it said, while appealing to the incoming administration of APC’s Mr. Buhari to be “on its tip-toes of watchfulness”.

“The question here is should President Jonathan be preparing his handover note or strengthening his position? This singular act appears to have been taken to consolidate incumbency. Nigerians must be on guard. It is not over until it is over. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”, it stated.

Also, MURIC argued that the outgoing President owed Nigerians explanations, as the removal of Mr. Abba was done “without any justifiable casus belli”.

The group said it found the development curious for two reasons.

“Firstly, Suleiman Abba is not due for retirement until March 22, 2019. Sacking such a high profile service chief without any justifiable casus belli raises more questions than answers. Secondly, it is quite unusual for an outgoing regime to embark on this type of exercise like sacking service chiefs and appointing new ones”.

“The implication is that the hands of the incoming administration are being tied and its maneuvers being restrained. The incoming regime is being saddled with unnecessary and avoidable human liabilities”, it added.

MURIC then asked: “Is President Jonathan really getting ready to handover? If so, why is he in a hurry to appoint a new IG for the incoming regime? Why should an IG be sacked shortly after the ruling party lost a general election? Is it that he did not ‘play ball’ during the elections? Did he refuse to obey illegal commands?”

MURIC said these questions became necessary because the opposition APC, whose presidential candidate in the March 28 election awaits inauguration on May 29, had accused the government of Mr. Jonathan of relying on security agencies to scuttle democracy.

The organization, therefore, asked Mr. Jonathan to reveal the “offence or offences” committed by Mr. Abba that warranted his sack.

“This matter must come to the public court of the Nigerian people who are the end-users and tax-payers”, it said.


  1. Muric or whatever since all this while boko haram has been killing in d north u ppl did not come out but now u ppl are teaching d present administration on what to do. Let us be sincere with our heart because one day we all will answer to our CREATOR

  2. MURIC I can see you people are alive again.
    Time will tell?
    What didn’t u also ask if the IGP refused to obey a legitimate instruction?
    Why didn’t you ask if he actually took bribe from APC to play the APC script?
    Why didn’t you ask what IGP went to do at the ICC when certificate of return was presented to Buhari?
    Abeg allow us hear word jaree

  3. When muslim community are in need of ur support from d daredevil boko haram, u kept silence while de were groaning in because u now have a muslim president u ar trying to show ur religious sentiments.let him go.hav u forgoten wen he send his uniform boys to teargas the speaker of house of rep? And many other sheddy deals he has done for the presidency? Pls we we muslim shudnt let sentiments engulf our sense of reasoning.lets us all turn to our creator s.w.t and the right layed down by our noble and beloved kanzul awliyah ,imamulbmursalin,prophet Muh’d (s.a.w).

  4. Foolish talking…. Muric should go and reverse the legitimate action of Mr president. The earlier you pple allow Mr president elect do his work well without sentiments, the beter for all of us.

  5. Muric,keep quiet if u dnt have reasonable words frm ur mouth. President jonathan is stil d president n wateva he does within ds little priod of tym is nt questionable. If na u dey thr,u go say make them kill d police bt atleast he didn’t kill him bt sacked him!

  6. Uve never make the call to presidency to make much efforts in stoppin BH while killing muslims.u do only care abt political appointees?

  7. Muric or whatever ur acronym is, do u want to infiltrate dis incoming govt as a Muslim govt or what? Y give such inciting statement knowing fully dat election tension, peace & nomalcy are gradually coming back to shape? Incase u’ve forgotten GEJ is still commander in chief till May 29th wen GMB will be sworn in. So be guided in your aproco suggestion, u hypocrites! I lappreciate it wen some Muslims are open to d truth.

  8. If i were you mr president elect GMB?do not allow sentiment to distract you from the change you promised to bring to nigeria.we know you are a no nonsense general and that is why the mandate is given to you to bring the change as promised by you.Jonathan himself i don’t think he is bad man but he allowed himself to be surrounded by syconphants and i think that should serve as a detterence to you and other presidents after you.Even in your appointment,be watchfull,the word is enough for wise.wish you all the best and do not fail us.I request permission to carry on sir.

  9. There must a reason to sack an officer.he is not a minister he was a civil servant.u can’t just wake up one day and just sack a civil servant without offences or without query? Very much illegal.

  10. Stupid MURIC, you want to cause problem, I see that you re not enjoying the peace and peaceful transition that wants to take place , its organizations like your that GMB should be watchful about, please Mr Director Ishaq, I see you re not properly schooled, when violence dey na u go first run! Nonesence and Gibbrish talk

  11. My question is why hasn’t music said any thing during boko haram attacks so they actually exist.. Sentiment will continue to kill this divided country.


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