Nigerians Should Not Expect Things To Turn Around Overnight – Buhari

MUHAMMADU-BUHARIThe President-elect, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has pleaded with Nigerians not to expect any miracles from him when he finally takes over leadership of the country on May 29.

He made the plea when the Bauchi State governor-elect, Mohammed Abubakar, led other elected members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, from the state to felicitate with him on his electoral victory.

“We are trying to dampen the high expectations, there is no way we can perform miracles because the damage took 16 years, especially on the economy and unemployment. It will take time for us to put the infrastructure right and help revive the textile industry which employ a lot of people but today, they hardly have employees except those that keep watch over their properties.

“We are betting on Agriculture and mining for immediate employment of Nigerians, so that we can do a detailed study on the other sectors. I told the governor-elect and other elected members to help tell members of their constituencies to exercise some patience when we are sworn-in”, Buhari said.


  1. CHANGE , that was the mantra during Buhari’s campaign. In view of this, I expect the positive change to be seen, felt and undisputedly across all sector of the economy. I don’t want miracle from you but proper development based on well Structured institutions
    The count down starts May 29th, there is no room for excuses. APC is condemn to succeed. Nothing short of success is not acceptable to me. So Mr Mohammadu Buhari, all I need from you and your administration is nothing but SUCCESS. Thanks and may the good Lord be you.

    • oboi ur response to this old kago seems insulting but pls try 2 mind ur vocal u know is quite unfortunate 4 d old man 2 say change will not happen overnight but in few months time am sure he will do as promised..

  2. Please, don’t misquote GMB, he’s not saying he wouldn’t perform his duties as a president, he’s only asking for our patience considering the following factors:
    There have been monumental corruption under PDP led government which led to depletion of our foreign reserves, stolen 20 billion dollar oil money under this present government, high level of corruption in the power sector and other parastatals. This present government is the most corrupt civilian administration where 16 is greater than 19, where stealing is not regarded as corruption. With these aforementioned factors it becomes imperative to excercise patience with the new President-elect. Certainly, he would not disappoint us.

  3. He has decieved people by saying Change and that he will perform miracle now Jega has rigged in his favour he is speaking with another side of the mouth. He is only coming there to retaliate. You guys shouldn’t even worry the wait of Nigeria on his head will make him to bow out.