Oil Spill Occurs In Shell’s Pipeline In Bayelsa


A massive oil spill has occurred from a pipeline belonging to the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in the Kolo Creek oil field operation in Bayelsa.

SPDC spokesman, Joseph Obari, on Wednesday stated that Shell would react to the development in due course.

“We do not know exactly when the oil leak started but this morning we saw crude leaking from the pipeline into the road and when we got there soldiers had already cordoned off the whole area,” Thisday quoted a source to have said.

“They do not allow us to get near to find out the possible cause of the leak on the pipeline, we woke up this early morning to see this in our community.

“ I believe that the soldiers must have reported the incident so that they can shut down the pipeline crude feed to forestall further damage to the environment, but oil is still gushing out of the line,” Okpu said.

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