[OPINION] Why President Jonathan Must Be Probed By Ogundana Michael Rotimi


Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Justice is served when those that are found guilty of one offence or another are brought to book. It is no longer news that President Jonathan has been alleged to have led the most corrupt government in Nigeria since the beginning of the fourth republic- The many corrupt cases perpetrated under his watch attest to that. Meanwhile, none of the allegations against his regime has been thoroughly investigated and its report made public. And as long as these allegations go unchecked and investigated, it wouldn`t speak well about the credibility of the nation as its quest to fight corruption that has taken over the entire system.

Firstly, President Jonathan must be probed to clear or establish the rumours about him and his administration. Who knows if after probing him he might be exonerated of the allegations against him.

Secondly, it cannot be over emphasized that probing of an administration or individual improves the sanity of the system. As we know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If individuals or groups know that they will be probed and thoroughly investigated and if found guilty would be made to face the wrath of the law, they will be more cautious, less corrupt and prudent when occupying leadership positions.

Thirdly, we cannot shy away from the fact that, there are men that worked for the outgoing administration that are needed to be brought to book for their activities while in office. The Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment exercise took the lives of over 17 Nigerians. Someone was responsible for the loss of those innocent lives and justice must be served. The Oduahgate scandal is another proof of the rot in his government at all levels. The Ekitigate cannot just be left unchecked. Some people masterminded the process and must be brought to book. Pensioners died before their time because of the pension scam. Someone was responsible for that. It is injustice to allow him walk away just like that.

Additionally, Nigerians need to know, they deserve to know more, it is their right to know and denying them of their right is an abuse. They need to know more about $20billion NNPC scam, they need clarifications about the scam around the kerosene subsidy, they need more information about the $9million arms deal scam, they need further details about the N195 Billion Alhaji Maina Pension Scam, they need to know what happened to N123billion Stephen Oronsaye scam, also on the N10billion for flying private jets by Allison Madueke and others.

Moreover, the height of misappropriations and frauds under the watch of President Goodluck Jonathan cost millions of Nigerians pains and anguish and must not be forgotten without being investigated thoroughly. It would be considered a height of injustice if his administration is not probed accordingly.

However, the fact is, closure must be brought to the people that suffered one form of loss or the other as a result of the failure of President Jonathan`s regime. And that can only be achieved when he is probed and justice is served accordingly. That is not a form of revenge or something, like some people already put it. It is called justice.

Meanwhile, those advocating that the President Goodluck led administration should not be probed are the real enemies of the people and the forces against the actualization of a cleaner government. Most of them fed corruptly from his administration and have skeletons in their cupboard. Consequently, as a matter of urgency they must stop misleading the people and go bury their heads in shame.

The quest for justice is not a form of distraction. It’s a bold step to building a cleaner government. Probing President Jonathan is not a distraction. It can never be a distraction. It is called justice.

Probing him will not distort General Buhari`s performance, neither will it slow down his achievements. Rather, it will help him to know the level of damages that have been done to the system and will help him to take corrective and preventive measures to avoid subsequent occurrence.

One of the reasons why the President- elect, General Buhari was elected is to bring closure to the people through delivery of justice and fight against corruption. This must start by probing his predecessor and his administration. It is the first step to justice and closure for the people.

We cannot continue to shield corrupt persons from facing the wrath of the law because he/she is rich and hurriedly bring the poor to book for insignificant offences.

President Jonathan must be probed; it is the right thing to do.


God Bless Nigeria

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

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  1. Other and Furthe ones are:
    The Fuel subsidy Issue was also inconclusive. Review of some controversial Privatisations made.
    Complete overhaul of NNPC body. Re- organisation of our crude loading process and breaking the cartel the are running our crude sales process. Sanitization and re- engineering of Nigerian Ports Authority.

  2. Other and Further ones are:
    The Fuel subsidy Issue was also inconclusive. Review of some controversial Privatisations made. Especially Power Holdings House as a whole and all its susidiaries.
    Complete overhaul of NNPC body. Re- organisation of our crude loading process and breaking the cartel that are running our crude sales process. Sanitization and re- engineering of Nigerian Ports Authority.

  3. its amazing.This nation has not had a real capital budget since several administrations. The capital budget is often less than20% in implementation..The. rest goes to recurrent overheads to pay political appointee, senators. special aids etc and much of these is stolen or misappropriated.Thus capital projects for roads, industries,,,housing, power etc often become abandoned projects.No Nigerian economist. had ever told the govt that. it has no real budget but has only got looting budget since. 25 years.Buhari should set time goals on how to stamp out corruption. and transform or industrialize the economy to create. millions of jobs.Let him set time goals because these will help him. attain. developmental objectives if he chooses the right ministers and also refuses to be manipulated by party, religious , tribal and western interests


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