Oritsefemi’s GirlFriend Speaks Up Over Claims That She Hacked His Phone

Popular Musician Oritsefemi and his longtime girlfriend (or fiancee), Blessing Rawa.

But after 5 years, your woman should be your wife. Haba! See photos of when their love was sweet:

Things have fallen apart between Oritsefemi and Blessing, there is no smoke without fire. They know it!






  1. After 5 years and. Your bf is not yet your husband, hmmm. It doesn’t make sense, if a man truly loves you and want you, 2 to 3 years is enough. Ladies should know when to take a walk pls.

  2. 2 years is too much……I think every reasonable man should tie d nut after 6 months to 1 year. …it shouldn’t exceed a year!!!!!!

    If it does, babez take a run! Please don’t walk. Becoz, he might drag u back….

    A word is enuf for a wise……I’m out!

  3. I disagree wif u abt 2yrs or less. Ve known of people dating 4 ova 1o yrs and still got married, me nd my boo courted 4 9yrs b4 settling down. We have children 2gether nw nd still live happily. Femi is such an ingrate and an idiot, letting go of her 2ru luv bcus of fame.


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