Photos: Heartbreaking Drawings By Borno Children Who Were Victims Of Boko Haram Attack


Some children have escaped an attack by Boko Haram in Kwajafa, Borno state, north east Nigeria. While they made it alive to neighbouring Chad, they left with them horrific images that might have created wounds in their hearts, which only time would be able to heal.

According to UK’s Daily Mirror, at least 24 people were killed in the attack by a group of Boko Haram soldiers disguised as preachers drove cars to a mosque disguised as preachers.

They announced they had arrived to teach people about Islam, but once a crowd gathered around them, they opened fire indiscriminately before setting fire to nearby houses.

The children who made it to Chad are now undergoing therapy sessions led by the UNICEF. Using crayons, they were asked to illustrate what they saw in the attack. The drawings by the young victims show militants firing automatic weapons and burning buildings to the ground.

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