[PHOTOS] Transgender Shows Off Her New Face After Surgery Went Wrong

Rajee Narinesingh was born a male and somehow he felt uncomfortable with himself and had a s3x change surgery to make him look like a woman. Unfortunately, he contacted a fake surgeon and the result of Rajee’s face will make you feel sorry for her. Her bre*asts nko? That one is another story for another day. See her photos as a man before the sudden change, photos of how injected cement damaged her face and ofcourse another photo of Rajee showing her new endowed chest after the cut.

Rajee when she was a man






  1. When I read stories like this, I just laff my head off. It is just disgusting that a man would want to change his body into that of a woman. A woman can get away with it but the other way round? Am so sure the guy will wish he never had that surgery.