Police AIG, Mbu, orders arrest of poorly dressed police officers

Joseph MbuThe Zone 2 of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) on Saturday warned policemen that were usually in the habit of dressing shabbily to desist from such acts or face dire consequences.

The warning was handed down by the spokesperson for the zone, Gbenga Adeoye, a Chief Superintendent of Police, who spoke on behalf of the Assistant Inspector General in charge of the zone, Joseph Mbu.

Mr. Adeoye spoke during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

He stressed that policemen that were not properly dressed was a sign of disrespect and a disgrace to the entire Nigeria Police Force.

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“Hard times await policemen who are improperly dressing.

“All those who dress improperly will only have themselves to blame because they will be arrested and tried.

“The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed”, he said.

The spokesperson also told NAN that Joseph Mbu, the AIG in charge of Zone 2, had single-handedly arrested officers who were not properly dressed.

He added that the relevant unit of the NPF would be alerted to deal with the disturbing development.

“Apart from the AIG not relenting in arresting these set of officers, the relevant unit of the police, which is the X-squad, are also going after these bad eggs in the force.

“I also assure you that this unit will be alerted on the increase in this menace”, he said.

Mr. Adeoye also told NAN that Mr. Mbu had also warned officers that were fond of extorting money from civilians to desist from it or face the full wrath of the law.

On the effectiveness of the X-squad, Mr. Adeoye said the unit have had been up and doing, and would not relent in their onerous task of maintaining discipline.

“The X-squad is still in use and arrests have been made severally, though I cannot categorically tell you the number of arrests that have been made.

“Anyone found wanting will be arrested, charged and tried in the orderly room.

“If found guilty, the rank of such person might be reduced and in cases like extortion, it is summary dismissal”, he said.



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