President-elect, Buhari inaugurates 19-member APC Transition Committee

Muhammadu-BuhariThe President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, on Wednesday in Abuja inaugurated a 19-member Transition Committee to liaise with its Federal Government counterpart to ensure a smooth transfer of power.

A statement issued in Abuja by the National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Lai Mohammed, said the terms of reference of the committee includes to develop a clear framework for liaison with the out-going Administration for the purposes of a smooth hand-over/take-over and to receive hand-over documents from Ministries, Departments and Agencies and itemise the most important or most urgent issues confronting the in-coming government

It said the committee is also saddled with reviewing and making preliminary assessment of the balance sheet of government with particular emphasis on the status of assets and liabilities of government; cash flow position of the government; quantum of public domestic and external debt of government and their deployment; government’s out-standing contractual obligations and its ability to meet such obligations and the status of implementation of capital projects.

The committee is also expected to undertake a preliminary assessment of the security challenges facing the country and the counter-insurgency measures taken by the government thus far; the counter policy measures being implemented in the Niger Delta to deal with unrest and major economic crimes in the area.

The committee will assess in particular, the status of the Amnesty Programme, the readiness of the Police and other national security and intelligence agencies in addressing threats to law and order and provide a brief over-view of CBN, NNPC, NCC, Customs and FIRS.

Other terms of reference of the committee include to suggest “quick fixes” which will result in tangible, visible and practical measures so that “change” will be seen after 30 days, after 100 days, after 6 months of the Administration taking office.

The committee will also make any other observations which in its view would be helpful to the transition and take-off of the new Administration.

The committee has two weeks to conclude its work.

Speaking at the inauguration in Abuja on Wednesday, the President-elect charged the committee to “assess the information provided to you and advise me on its quality and accuracy. It is a simple matter that you must have the right information if you are to shape appropriate policy decisions.

“Needless to repeat, that your Committee – and indeed our Government – are not on a witch-hunt or engaged in fault-finding. We want the facts and nothing but the facts. What has been done cannot be undone. Our job is to learn from the mistakes of the past and attempt to avoid similar”.

Mr. Buhari hailed the calibre of the committee’s membership, saying they represent some of the best Nigeria can offer. He described the committee chairman, Ahmed Joda, as one of the few surviving links between First Republic civil service to the present day, a man whose versatility includes farming, industry and 21st Century IT and one of Nigerian’s precious assets.

Full list of Transition Committee members:

  1. Ahmed Joda – Chairman
  2. Doyin Salami – Vice-Chairman
  3. Boss Mustapha
  4. Muhammad Hayatuddin
  5. Abubakar Malami
  6. Lawal Jafaru Isa
  7. Hadi Sirika
  8. Audu Ogbeh
  9. Dalong
  10. Bola Adesola
  11. Wale Edun
  12. Nike Aboderin
  13. Ogbonnaya Onu
  14. Festus Odimegwu
  15. John Oyegun
  16. Gov. Rotimi Amaechi
  17. Tam David West
  18. Lai Mohammed

19 Adamu Adamu – Secretary


  1. As long as you engage in unnecessary tribal sentiment, you will continue to back the wrong horse and turn around to blame your misfortune on the devil. If tribe and religion matters so much, Barak Obama, an African from Kenya and a de-facto muslim would not have been a Senator and a 2-term President of a predominantly Christian, white populated and most powerful nation in the world. Wale up, think performance, honesty and progress instead. We must take our place as a country with some of the best minds and brains in the world. Yes, we can.


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