Pretty Mike Narrates How A Lagos Runs Girl Scammed Him On Instagram


Ok, now this is a very hilarious story.

Most of you might know him, he’s the CEO of Club Uno in Lagos — Pretty Mike.

He recently shared his encounter with a Lagos babe he met on Instagram.

Mike said the girl claimed to know how to go down low but when it’s time to play the match, after seeing the long D, she ran away.

Read below: –

“Confession Wednesday !! All ths girls on IG deceiving boys..Posting Pic like ths n making us think dey r Nutty, I have realized that d only place dey can be Nutty is in their mind n on dere IG page,Not with a human being,Most of ths gals r even Virgins..It’s hard to believe yea ? Now listen to my story. “Recently I hooked up with one of my IG crush.She sent me a Dm,I went tru her Pics.I was shocked wth wot I saw, she got d Package, walahi Ravishingly classy n beautiful,tongue,nose n Navel pierce.She was d complete Package
“I was so hard that I replied her,we got talking! Naturally she billed me n as a pay master I paid up front..later we met to now praticalize all we spoke about..I tot she was a Freak,coz of all she bragged about how she will me till I get into coma ! When I wanted to go down on her, she said I shld wait..Then as she undressed, I brought out my equipment..wen she saw it, she shouted.I was high so I didn’t understand y she shouted.she said she left her phone in her car n she remembered she had to make a call.i said ok n she left, d next tin I heard was an engine noise.I came out n I saw d gal zooming like her house was on fire…I was confused, I immediately cald her n she started abusing me on phone tht I don’t hve human sympathy n she tot I loved her, Ah!! I asked her Y she was abusing me n she cut d call n blocked me on IG n hasn’t picked my call since den.She left her shoes at my place n she doesn’t want to cum for it,she left me wth Blue Ball,I was forced to ask my main madam to come over..But it’s ok. It’s Sad that after deceiving d general Public on D Gram, when dey can’t actually do nothing!! Dey can’t even give a Head yet dey have Duck lips..what r those lips 4 ?And dey got mad ass,what is d Ass 4 ? Wearing fitted cloths n sampling on IG ? 5 mins of doggy dey start crying my Womb! My Womb! I don’t believe all ths pic anymore, I won’t Tag her.but I will keep her shoe n hope she reads this n come back or call me 080 #FakeIsTheNewReal”