Read Of The Endurance Race So Hard That Only 14 People Have Ever Completed It

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The Barkley 100-Mile Marathon is often referred to as the hardest race on Earth. In 30 years of existence, only 14 people have managed to complete it. That’s just 2 more than the number of people who have walked on the moon. Read how OddityCentral puts it:

The 100-mile run, which some claim is actually 130 miles or more, has a cumulative elevation gain of more than 60,000 feet – the equivalent of climbing mount Everest twice, from sea level. It consists of a 20-mile loop around a mountainous course that participants need to complete five times. To make matters worse, the Barkley 100 has a very strict time limit. It has to be completed in a maximum of 60 hours, or 12 hours per loop.

Participants may not use GPS tracking devices or cellphones to find their way. Instead they are given a handout that includes vague race directions, and are only allowed to use a map of the area and a compass. Not only are the runners expected to navigate the terrain and stay on the right paths, but they also have to find books placed along the course and tear out the page corresponding to their race number as proof of completion! If a page is lost, the runner is disqualified. None of the 35 runners signed up for the 2015 Barkley Marathon managed to complete the race.

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