Remember The Twins Who Share The Same Boyfriend? Update ….

Anna and Lucy DeCinque got famous when they granted Dailymail an interview and revealed they do everything in common including sharing the same boyfriend. The twins who have done a lot of surgeries at same body spots have spent over £130k just going under the knife. Anyway, that is not the reason why they are in the news again. They now have a new title- ‘The World’s Most Identical Twins’.  How did this happen?


The twins were lucky to have been invited for a Japanese television prank show, after the producers of the show found them on YouTube. The 28-year-old’s, competed against Japan’s most famous set of twins, and defeated them at every task.

The producers who were so curious to separate them by identifying them even made used of a computer, but the test failed again. They were then named the World’s most identical twins.



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