SANs Disagree On Buhari’s AIT Ban

Muhammadu-BuhariTwo Senior Advocates of Nigeria have disagreed with President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to ban the Africa Independent Television (AIT) network from covering his activities until they sort out “issues of standard and ethics”.

The decision to ban the private TV station generated mixed reactions among Nigerians with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), describing the move as dangerous for Democracy while Buhari’s party, All Progressives Congress, APC, has reversed the decision, saying all accredited media organizations, including AIT, are free to cover the president-elect’s activities.

Lending their voice to the debate in separate interviews, Constitutional lawyer, Professor Itse Sagay (SAN) and Mr. Tayo Oyetibo (SAN), differed on the ban.

Prof. Sagay in his reaction said: “I agree absolutely with Buhari on the issue. AIT is not fit to be a practical organization in Nigeria.

“An organization, which worships money and would sell its soul to the devil for money, and would abandon every ethics of its profession should not exist. If I were in Buhari’s position, I would be harsher”.

While Mr. Oeytibo urged Buhari to “tread softly and be tolerant of criticisms because PDP is presently going through a process of political annihilation, by reason of which it might not be able to provide effective opposition.

“Buhari should expect very stiff, scorching and scathing criticisms from civil society groups and activists”, he added.


  1. Change is here to harass and treat ppl anyhow. What about tvc and ltv or even them buhari and co hv forgotten all they did to present government. I pity my brother tinubu, osibanjo and co. We never even see anything yet

  2. He should know this is not islamic state that does not forgive ! This democray everyone is free to say what ever he or she thinks-

  3. If you wish me death publicly and within the period you emphatically said I would die you sent your paid worker/agent/loyalist to partake in an activity that will bring you at an arms length to me, it is only natural for my Family and well wishers to be apprehensive. Who will not be afraid in these days of high tech devices, given the federation of Dokpesy and his physical, mental, financial and human resources committed to the last election to ensure that this same BUHARI does not win. Please, before you condemn someone’s action, always ask yourself “If I were the one, given the scenario, what would I have done”. BUHARI’s family need him after repairing Nigeria with everyone’s cooperation.

  4. Democracy or freedom of expression as constituted in the Nigeria constitution does not give you the right to go overboard with your freedom. Besides,where someone’s right ends, there starts another’s. Moreover, Buhari has every right to associate with whichever TV station he likes,bearing in mind that,he’s not yet the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. After his inauguration on May 29th,then,he’s lost his private life to the scrutiny of friends,enemies and what-have-you.

  5. BUHARI need to CHANGE from his past military dictator.& hv a forgiving mind..if he is so keen to question AIT s misconduct there is appropriate body to approach..he shld note dt this is not era whn journalist sent to jail for publishn article dts again gvmnt..


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