Sterling Places Bumper Liverpool Contract On Hold

Raheem Sterling says he does not want to be perceived as a “money-grabbing 20-year-old” after placing contract renewal talks at Liverpool FC on hold until the summer.

The Reds manager, Brendan Rodgers, has described as “an incredible offer,” the new figure tabled before the England international which understandably is in the region of £100,000.

But Sterling feels the club have waited long enough before initiating talks, suggesting he would have already penned an extension- and probably for a reasonably less amount- had the club made the offer at the end of last season.

Raheem Sterling and Mario Balotelli in Training at Melwood. Image: LFC via Getty.
Raheem Sterling and Mario Balotelli in Training at Melwood. Image: LFC via Getty.

“I think anyone around me can vouch for me that it has never been about money,” he told the BBC Sport.

“It is about winning trophies throughout your career; I don’t talk about how many cars I will drive or how many houses I’ve got.

“It is flattering to get a huge contract (offer). I just purely want to be the best I can be.”

The situation is reminiscent of captain Steven Gerrard saying in January after announcing his departure to Los Angeles Galaxy that he would have stayed had his contract offer come in pre-season and not November.

Sterling says he is focused on playing football at the moment and that speculations over his new deal has been “a bit much” for him this season.

“If, at that point in time, I was offered a contract, I most definitely would have signed straight away, probably for far less money than being said now,” he said.

“I just think the timing was a bit off. It has been a bit much for me this season with everyone talking about it every minute.

“I keep hearing I’ve rejected all sorts of contracts. Me, the club and my reps have spoken about it and put talks on hold until the end of season, so it’s frustrating to hear the contract situation keep going on and on.

“I just wanted to get my point across on the whole thing. But, at the end of the season, I just want to sit down with the club and my representatives.

“I will definitely give guarantees when the season has finished.

“The fans get a bit frustrated with me because I’m not signing straight away. They can get on your back a little bit, but this is football and you have to accept these things.

“I try to block it out of my head, which is the whole reason why I’ve said I want to wait till the end of the season.

“I think they just see it as this 20-year-old boy being greedy. I just want to take the time to think about what I’ve achieved in my career so far, where I need to go and what I need to do to get better as a player.

“I just want to get through this season helping the club do the best we can do and hopefully at the end of the season be proud of what we have achieved.”

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