Toni Payne Thinks Buhari Cannot Take Half The insults Goodluck Jonathan Took


We all know that Nigeria singer, 9ice has gotten into politics, but we didn’t know that his wife also knows one or two things about politics.

9ice’s baby mama, Toni Payne has given her take on the forthcoming Buhari administration.

Toni Payne has said that she doesn’t belivee Buhari can take half the insults Goodluck Jonathan took.

Toni took to Twitter to express her mind.

Read what she wrote below:




  1. Why should he be insulted with good governance. How many times have Americans been insulting Obama. But with clueless government people are at liberty to set themselves free using any available medium. Don’t you know that biting with the teeth is also a weapon of warfare?

    • How sure are you that he will govern well?you should pray he governs well and not say it like u are in his mind or u know his agenda ….that’s why we Nigerians always get disappointed cos we always bliv first hand in people without evaluating them or knowing them then after sometime we get disappointed same thing happened with President Goodluck Jonathan now u all insult him like he is not a human being….we all make mistakes and Gen Buhari can also make mistake we should learn to stop judging people quickly……


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