What Buhari Should Focus On – UDP Presidential Candidate


Presidential candidate of the United Democratic Party (UDP), who was part of the 13 beaten by Muhammadu Buhari in last Saturday’s election, Godson Okoye, has tasked the president-elect on improvement in the areas of education, security, power and agriculture in his administration.

Okoye, who doubles as the National Chairman of UDP, insisted that the only way Buhari can win the hearts of Nigerians still skeptical about his presidency, is to give priority to the development of health, education, agriculture, power and security sectors of the country.

“If I am to set an agenda for him, security, power and education should occupy the pride of place; this should be like in the short term,” said Okoye in an interview, yesterday, in Abuja.

“In the medium term, he should be looking at the transport sector, especially the railway transportation as no country could attained desired development without functional rail lines.

“A country in the size of Nigeria, there is no rail line that connects the Federal Capital Territory with other parts of Nigeria, what a heck!” he lamented.

Okoye noted that the construction of rail lines would not only enhance the country’s development but also boost its integration and create jobs for Nigerians.

He also urged the president-elect to have a combination of youths and the elderly persons in his cabinet and administration.

“He should use the experience of the elderly people and the strength of the youth. The young people have demonstrated their strength in Lagos, Anambra, Akwa-bom and many parts of the country. Coming to the centre, we must use their energy and strength for development,” he said.

Okoye, who garnered 9,208 votes at the polls said he accepted the outcome of the election in good faith. However, he thanked President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the way he handled his defeat.

According to him, Jonathan’s action saved the country from chaos. He stressed that the avoidance of violence following the election outcome disappointed “the prophets of doom, who had predicted the break-away of Nigeria in 2015.”


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