Why Buhari Is Not The Type Of Person I Would Like To Call My President – Femi Aribisala

Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari is not the type of person that I would like to call my president. I don’t even agree that he is a strong leader. He is not very intelligent, he is not very articulate and I don’t even agree that he is a strong leader.

Controversial Vanguard columnist and fellowship coordinator of Healing Wings, a pentecostal Christian fellowship in Lagos, Femi Aribisala says President-elect Muhammadu Buhari still needs to ask for forgiveness for killing people through extra-judicial means and for jailing people for telling the truth, among other things. Apart from the sins he says Buhari needs to seek forgiveness for, Aribisala also thinks he cannot move the economy of Nigeria forward.

“In my view, I am pessimistic. I don’t think Buhari can move the economy forward because he has no understanding of economics. I tell people that I am waiting for our currency to be equal to the dollar which is one of the things he promised,” Aribisala told Vanguard in an interview.

“One has to see who his advisers are. Again, one has to deal with his antecedents. If there was a change in Buhari, we should have known it in the last three months. It should have come out from his pronouncements during the campaign, but there was nothing there. He said he is going to give N5,000 to 20 million poor people in Nigeria and that is N120 billion which he is going to give away in a situation where the country is cash strapped. I am going to see how this is going to happen. Buhari does not understand how to tame corruption. He did not succeed the last time.


“There are certain tendencies in the man that tells me he does not understand how to tame corruption because we are talking of a change campaign. But who are the people around him? They are not changed people. It is paradoxical that now, the party chairman is saying they don’t want defectors anymore. But how did they come to where they are? I don’t see these changes coming with Buhari. This was a rhetoric that was convenient for the purpose of winning an election. It has succeeded, but don’t let us ascribe more to it. It is going to have some grand gestures but, in the final analysis, will be meaningless,” Aribisala said.

Speaking further, he maintained that Buhari is not the type of leader he could be proud of. “Buhari is not the type of person that I would like to call my president. I don’t even agree that he is a strong leader. He is not very intelligent, he is not very articulate and I don’t even agree that he is a strong leader. Most of the positions he held, his deputies were in charge. People run circles around him. Part of the problem with democracy is that we don’t necessarily have the best choices. You have to choose between bad choices or some bad choices. I don’t see anything that will, ordinarily, make me to want Buhari as my president. I don’t see how he is an improvement on Jonathan for whatever it is that you think of Jonathan,” he said.


  1. My broda i agree wit u becos my mind keep telling me he has nothing. Ppl voted for him but not dat he won GEJ, it was rigged to favour him. Where is all d 1.something to 2million votes for apc during presidential bcos it didn’t appear in 2nd election or dey have gone to sambisa forest. My ppl let us pray bcos no change in them, see my broda tinubu calling for change. Those dat rigged election will not have peace, Amen.

    • Amina you really suprised me by quikly supporting the man who claim is a man of God but does not acepted what God has done. Even though GMB doesn’t know how to govern nigeria or his not inteligent enough to rules nigeria let’s us believe that is God who chosen him to be our leader and is only God has power to entrones who He want. For betterment of our dear country the best way is to pray for him to deliver

      • suleiman …. please was it God that also chose GEJ, if yes, then why did some people chose to go against God’s choice to make the country ungovernable for GEJ. I have no doubt that God was involved in making GMB to be declared the winner of the election and the president-elect, however, i wish you could get closer to God and find out why He did so. Was it because GMB is the best leader Nigerian could have or was it because God loves His children in Nigeria so much that He allowed the election results to be the way they are so as to avoid unnecessary blood shed?

  2. I voted for Buhari but I think I am already beginning to regret it based on his recent interview with the vanguard. He talked about probing what happened during the election in the south south and south east but choose not to remember that the worst election crime was committed in the north where under age voted and all sorts of atrocities committed.
    I want to make few things clear to Mr Buhari
    1. He has shown his hatred for the south south and south East for singling out the region as the only place we had problems during the last elections.
    2.He is not yet a national leader because all the regions did not vote for him unlike other PDP leaders and he should know better when a president is not nationally accepted the danger ahead.
    3. For him to probe election results in the south east and south South he must probe all the northern votes and anything short of that will be resisted.
    4.Any attempt for APC government to marginalize South South and South east will spell doom for the Country.
    5.Buhari should thank President Jonathan for accepting defeat , if jonathan decide to probe all the election results that came from the North I can assure him that he will be the looser.
    Mr President elect if I were you I will tread very carefully on the two regions because it is not over until 2019.Make no mistake they are not afraid of you rather they are waiting for you .

    • Mr Ben,frankly I found it hard to believe you voted for Buari,but if you did as you wrote you need to have a mind of your own and don’t be deceive by a struggling words of someone who does’t even understand why he is bitter about the issue.
      My dear Ben stand your ground and remain firm in what you believe.

  3. Buhari’s success at the poll was ordained so blame not yourselves on what you can’t change. However who is this Femi Aribisala the semblance of FFK who is raising unnecessary dust on issues that are baseless. Journalists are respected and unbiased when it comes to national or ephemeral issues but his personified approach portend danger to the profession. Nigeria will be great under Buhari and the country ll occupy it rightfull place among the committee of nations

  4. Femi aribisala only gealouse because GMB is not going to give out our monies to pastors or imams the way they confused president jonathan and spent billions of our monies on them!

  5. You are entitled to your opinion pastor,but how come you are the first man to cast a stone at the adulterous woman.Why not wait to see how your God can make the foolish things of this world to shame the wise and He can also use the weak things of this world to shame the strong.

  6. ??? Is this not looking disdain on Mr. President…
    ?? Are u lamenting..
    ?Are u a God to tall what tomorrow held .

    Pastor, I assure u that time should tall, just be patient.

  7. ??? Is this not looking disdain on Mr. President…
    ?? Are u lamenting..
    ?Are u a God to tall what tomorrow held .

    Pastor, I assure u that time should tall, just wait and see.

  8. pastor becouse you predicted that oga jona is a winner of 2015 election and you failed.pls fake pastor next time don’t collect money and gives fake prediction the money that you collected from jona go and use it buhari will not collect it from you don’t be scared.

  9. This Aribisala of a man is seriously bitter. He is better advised b4 becoming Hypertensive patient. If a pastor can’t see God’s hand in the emergence of GMB……may God deliver him because he is only deceiving people he ministers to.

  10. Who is Aribisala by the way? what magical wand has he to alternatively change the situation provided Buhari failed? to hell with him and the likes who concur with him on this issue. if indeed he is a man of God, let him accept the wish of Allah and let him go ahead and pray for the success of the new regime. if he fails to do this then he is a prophet of doom whose views is parochially biased based on ethnic and religious sentiments. period.


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