WICKEDNESS!!! Wicked Mom Abandon Kids Because She Can’t Cope With The Stress Of Caring For Their Weight

I trust African moms never to do this, but then what do you think? Read the story first. A distraught father has accused the mother of his three children of walking out on them because she couldn’t deal with the stress of them being overweight.

Nicolae Marginean, 45, says the mother of his children, whose name was not revealed but her picture made available, left while their children, Madalina, 8, Denisa, 7, and 4-year-old Andrei, were in the middle of treatment to help them lose weight. The children are said to weigh 13st 2lbs, 6st 6lbs and 7st 1lb, respectively.


Their father is however disturbed because doctors have told him his kids will have problems in the future if they continue to pile up pounds, but unfortunately, the loving father does not have enough money to buy them healthy food.

‘’Doctors told us my children would have serious problems if they did not lose weight, and gave us a diet of things to avoid. But the things we can’t eat are the only things we can afford, so we have had to go back to eating unhealthy foods,’’ he said.

He also mentioned that the kids are a little depressed about not seeing their mom, which has also made them eat more food. But their mother left when she told me she needs to get her life back, he explained.

His children have also been finding it difficult to go to school, because they are been bullied and neglected by their classmates. His second child, Denisa said, “My classmates laugh at me. They say I’m fat and poor and nobody wants anything to do with me.”

Their caring dad

Their runaway mom