Woman Ends Up With Masculine Jaw After Chewing Gum Excessively To Lose Weight


A Chinese woman who thought chewing gum could help her lose weight, ended up with a masculine jaw instead. Read more from the OddityCentral:

The woman, known only by the pseudonym Gao, said that it all started when she and her friends read an article about the benefits of chewing gum. The report reasoned that chewing gum burns up to 60 calories per hour, while jumping rope burns only 10. If you do the math, it adds up to losing 5 kg of weight a month just by chewing gum all day long. It also explained that chewing gum could lead to a feeling of satiety, making a person consume less food. Convinced by the story, Gao started chewing gum morning to night, every single day.

She kept it up for about six months, but her extra pounds didn’t seem too affected by the daily ritual. Instead, her colleagues began to point out changes to her face! They started to notice that her previously pointed face had now developed a rather masculine, square shape. Gao panicked and visited Dr. Li Jun, a plastic surgeon at Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital. He confirmed her worst fears – that excessive chewing of gum lead to over-exercise of the upper jaw muscles, resulting in the widening of the face.