5 Friends With Benefit Every Naija Lady Must Have

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If you want an easy life these 5 types of friends would help you achieve that;

1. The Banker Friend
A friend nearby is better than a brother that is away. In the same vein, a friend that works in the bank with a good position or that has her way around any bank or banking system is better than a friend who is a leech in your wallet because when you need to get huge loan that banker friend would be very useful. Note that this banker friend might not give you her hard earned money but trust me they would always know who you can get loans from.

2. The Beautician Friend
Presentation is key in any setting. . Your beautician friend knows all that needs to be known about makeup, fashion, style, hair. The person is not necessarily an authority in all but has at least a little knowledge in most with evidence in the way she presents herself. If you don’t find any of such, just follow bloggers in those areas. Get close to them and have them a-BBM-chat or whatsapp-chat away from you. If you are having a bad hair day PING! Or confused about what to wear on what, take pictures and send!

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3. The Lawyer Friend
Don’t assume that because Nigeria seems lawless then there are no active punishable laws. There are oh! And it’s only if you have been to prison or court then you’d hear all the funny reasons or cases that got some in there. May you not end in such situations. If you can’t have a police as your friend, by all means have a lawyer friend! They always come in handy.

4. The Giver Friend
I have two of these. Seriously you need two of these and in fact two of the banker friend too. Giver friends are not the ones that necessarily show off that they have money oh! No! No! They are the ones that act like they don’t have at all. Then when you are as broke as a twig tossed by a tornado, they’d pull out huge chunk of cash on the table for you. Rainy days would come so get your rain coat and umbrella.

5. The Multi-professional friend
Another name for this friend is Jack of all trades. This is the icing on top of all your other friends. They are very energetic and they know their way around almost everything. They have an amazing web of connections with different people. They save you the headache of so many things because they are just so resourceful. They are the ones that have about 3-4 mobile lines with each containing 250 numbers and they are always on a call because other people are also contacting for them for some of help.

Once you have these top 5 you can add any other friend that you like. Quick tip, if you don’t want to frustrate these friends out of your life and lose all of the benefits you are getting, find a way to add value to them too. Even if it is just to call them every day to check up on them and your status with them.


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