6 Things Satisfied Wives Would Never Do

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You ever notice how when you are completely fulfilled in an area, it shows? When you love your career, for example, it is demonstrated in your productivity and how you show up at work. The same is true for relationships and marriage. When you love your marriage and feel completely satisfied, it will show up in how you treat your spouse and make your relationship so much stronger.

Husbands, in case you have ever wondered whether or not you were pleasing your spouse, here are a few ways to know for sure. Even if they never say it out loud, actions have always spoken louder than words and will quickly tell you everything you need to know. These are the 6 things a satisfied wife would never do:

Complain about her marriage to outsiders.

You won’t typically find a wife who is truly happy and secure in her marriage, bad mouthing her spouse. Complaining to others is a lack of respect to the other partner. If ever there are challenges in the marriage or there are areas needing improvement, the first action should always be to communicate them to your spouse. Solutions can’t be created if we are sharing with everyone else except the person we should be.

Withhold sex for selfish reasons.

Another example of a dissatisfied wife is a lack of intimacy, for selfish reasons. If a wife withholds sex as some sort of punishment, there may something else happening beneath the surface. A wife who enjoys being intimate with her spouse, is going to be intimate with her spouse. It’s that simple.

Seeks the attention of other men.

Flirting, and there’s no such thing as it being harmless, is another red flag that something is missing. If that wife was being appreciated and validated in her home, she more than likely, won’t need to hear those things from anyone other than her husband. Wives, if you aren’t hearing it, clearly communicate your needs to your husband.

efuses resources, ideas or ways to make the marriage even better.

Even if the marriage is going through a rough patch, a wife who wants to be happy in that marriage, will do what is necessary to save it. She will seek the resources, find a professional and simply be willing to make some personal changes to improve the situation. The wife who does nothing, is sending a message that they are satisfied with an unhealthy marriage, and that’s quite scary.

Not initiating date night or quality time with her husband.

A happy wife usually desires nothing more than spending quality time with her husband. In fact, she should be looking forward to those moments, and even wishing there were more of them. If she is ok with never going out with her husband, or spends little to no alone time with him, there may be a serious problem. Again, a wife shouldn’t feel more satisfied without her husband than she does with him.

Feels burdened when doing things for her spouse.

Wives who enjoy pleasing their husbands, whether they are making home-cooked meals, doing his laundry or rubbing his back, there should be joy in the task. When we truly love and respect our spouses, doing for them becomes a joy and not a burden.

Husbands, if you find yourself in any of these situations, please know not all hope is lost. Think about what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to take you and your wife from where you are now, to where you want to be. Are you willing to own your half of the relationship, admit to the errors you’ve made, and make some personal changes to transform the relationship? Are you willing to become vulnerable and share with your wife your needs and listen for hers. Are you willing to put your pride aside and ask your wife what you can do to make sure she is completely satisfied? In order to maintain a healthy marriage, all of that is necessary. You have to decide if you are willing to do all that is required to make sure your spouse is satisfied. Once you make that decision, everything else becomes a little easier.

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