Oldest Man In Human History Discovered At Age 179 In India, Says “Death Has Forgotten Me”

“My grandchildren are dead there for years. Somehow forgot me death ”


Mahashta Mûrasi is an Indian who claims to be born in 1835. It is not only the oldest man in the world but also the man who lived the longest since the history of mankind (according to the Guinness World Records ).

According to the information transmitted, the man was born in Bangalore on January 6 1835.De 1903, he lived in Varanasi, where he worked until 1957, until his retirement in 122 years.

According WorldNewsDailyReport.com all official documents to identify this man support his version

My grandchildren have died there a few years, “said Mûrasi.” In a way, death has forgotten me. And now I have lost all hope to die!


  1. God is wonderful 179 years! For those bulliers and walking naked living but dead fire await u let us learn from our mistakes, others nd from d newly nd first politicial Hero Goodluck Jonathan his excellence. Let us support d in coming govt for he has a lot to do nw bt I wonder hw he will serve nigerians junior sch food its impossible.I wonder hw he will eradicate corruption dat is in d grass root( family) our system is hard nd needs constitution alteration dat is d only way we can move forwaid aside dat our prize here is determined by the foreign economy hw can we grow with oil only where is d Agric? D day Ghana saw oil they power became shaking bt US has little yet very rich.

  2. oldest man in human history my ass….what happened to Methuselah…. those Guinness book guys are either liars or ignorant of the scriptures

  3. No wonder Nigerians don’t pass exams. They are talking about the oldest man on earth, while some dead brains are talking about Jonathan undeserve heroship, or Tinubu is corrupt or Buhari promising free meal and equalizing a naira to a dollar or fighting corruption. Who told you Buhari cannot? Have you handed over power to him? Nigerians are always talking out of point.

  4. @ Aboikagbo,as if u read my mind. I wonder o! What is the connection btwn the the oldest man in d world and Jonathan-Buhari? U really used the right choice of words”some dead brains” Silence would have been better than this senseless tlk.

  5. @Aboikagbo, God bless U my brother, some Nigerians dont have define mentality to address issues but sentimental coloration on tribalism, uninformed politcal arguement and frivolous religious defence. I think we should beg death to remember the man; though yet to reach the age of Methuselah

  6. The papa can never be described as the oldest in human history, but among the oldest in this present time. Noah was 500 yrs before started building the Ark.

    • Why don,t you talk about the one you can see and forget the bull Shit Noah thing. The bible was written by humans pretending to be something they weren’t. Why would anyone want to live beyond 90 anyway?

  7. Common sense of some people in this FB is rather unfortunate. They are unnecessarily sentimental. You are expected to comment on 179 yr old man but diverted unduly to Tinubu/Buhari/Jonathan. By the way, what had Tinubu collected from you. His arch enemies of 15 yrs found nothing incriminating on him, how come you had something. Are you sad how the man Tinubu rose from one state by the grace of God to secure victory for progressive in the whole Nigeria. Were you not available when EFCC and code of conduct exonerated him. Or do you expect him to throw his legally acquired wealth to Lagos lagoon. When lawyers take percentages of recovered fund or sale of property or commission, has anybody raised eye brow. Has anybody raised eye brow on the waiver for Nigeria businessmen. Pls desist from journey that will not pay you. Envy shall kill some untimely.

  8. Nigeria, home of the educated RULED by Vagabonds and Violent uneducated northern Monkeys. Nigeria, Shit hole of mother Africa

  9. Y cnt u nigeria appreciate wat god as do in dat old man live,can u tell mi dat we cn find dis age in dis nigeria.for buhari is god nd pple choice don’t tink it cn nt do it.buhari will do ur bst,say buhari say baba.!!!!!pls do sumtin to dis petroleum,kerosine,disel,nd corruption,nd we nid import nd export pls our new up coming president.gr8t nigeria.

  10. God You Are So Great For Keeping This Man Till Now. That Means I Have More Hope And Believe In You Cause I know You Would Keep Me And My Family More Than This Man’s Age Here On Earth With Uncountable Wealth. Lord Please Show Me The Way And Lead Me To My Destination In Live. Papa I Have No Gold N Diamond To Sow A Seed With But I Pray That The Same God Who Kept You Alive Up Till Now, Would Also Do The Same In My Life And Also In The Life Of My Family And Other Families. Amen by Kingflashbacknina Henry Hart

  11. You people are just dreaming GMB will never rule this country again. The next ruller of this great nation-Nigeria is a bornagain-christian-Igbo man period.


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