Adeboye Urges Ministers Of God To Practice What They Preach


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye today urged ministers of God to practice the sermons they preach at home because their children are watching.

Speaking in Jos at the RCCG Ministers and Workers conference, which had the theme: “In Christ Alone”, Adeboye said ministers should know that members of their families are their first congregation. “If you fail to at home, you have failed,” the News Agency of Nigeria quoted him to have said.

“We must tidy up our acts as ministers of God. Be careful what you do in the presence of the children,” he counselled.

Adeboye said that because of his life as a role model to his four children, all of them were in one way or the other a minister.
He said during meetings with them, his children would also share certain things they copied from him.

On the theme of the conference, quoting from Psalm 39 verse 9, Adeboye said to be successful ministers of God the lives of successful people in the Bible like Prophets Elijah, Elisha and Jesus Christ must be studied.

According to him, he studied the life of Elijah in three years and was currently understudying the lives of Elisha and Jesus Christ. He noted that Jesus Christ lived a life of humility, obedience ‎and submission to God.

He, therefore, urged ministers of God to emulate Jesus in order to be connected to His blessings.

The General Overseer also informed the ministers that the church would organize a meeting with children of ministers in the north, just as it had done in the south and some other parts of the World such as Europe & the US. He urged the ministers to make sure their children were in attendance.

“It will help us to help them to help you,” he said.


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