Awwwww!!! Chris Brown’s Daughter Wishes Him Happy Birthday Personally


Chris Brown who is trying so hard to be a good father has gotten the best birthday gift ever from his 10-month-old baby girl, Royalty as he clocked 26 on May 5.

Because he’s shown so much love, admiration and attention to his daughter lately, his baby mama, Nia Guzman and Royalty teamed up to gift the ‘Beautiful People’ singer a treasure for his big day.

A source close to Nia tell HollywoodLife: ”Nia has so many pictures of Royalty it’s insane. She found one when Royalty was a little tiny baby, around 26 days old. In the picture, Royalty‘s wearing all white and her eyes are wide open as she lays comfortably in Nia’s arms looking so beautiful. Nia took Royalty‘s right hand and helped her scribble the words ‘Happy Birthday From Daddy’s Little Girl’ on the picture”

The source added: ”Nia kissed the photograph and made Royalty kiss it too, which she did, but left a little drool on the picture. Nia thought that was so precious. She had the picture framed and sent it to Chris’ house for his birthday. There was no way that his little angel would forget about her dad on his birthday, Nia made sure of that.”