Beautiful Lady Trekking To Honour Jonathan Ends Her Mission Prematurely

The girl’s mother can’t just understand why her own daughter would want to pass through such big stress to honour a man who was defeated in the presidential election, hence she had to quit the trek.Beautiful Gloria who joined a Goodluck Jonathan’s supporter, Oladele John Nihi, in the trek to Otuoke in Bayelsa State from Abuja, has called off her trek because her mother has been crying.

She ended her own trek in Lokoja and is returning home to her family. See more:


  1. Sincerely the madness in her brain is overrated so because someone as trekked for buhari means everybody should now trend the trekking path, why not something different and more creative. I guess she didn’t finish her mission as Trekkers Association of Nigeria mistakenly called transformation ambassador of Nigeria. why not try swim from Lagos to Otueke idiot!

  2. All Jonathan supporters are failures. hehehehehe. who will support a failed president and will not fail? if you think Jonathan has not failed, may your life remain like that of PDP, Nigeria refineries, Power sector, oil subsidy, Onitsha-Aba- ph road, 2nd Niger bridge, Lagos Ibadan expressway, east west road, Nigeria Railway, Nigeria Army, Northest, Boko haram victims, chibok girls, kerosene subsidy etc

    • One word for you Aboikagbo. May you never earn respect in your entire life, Amen. Stop hating and see the positive side of the man you called failure. he is busy progressing and you are busy loosing it. shame on you. get crushed by a moving train. idiot

    • Aboikagbo, you are failure yourself cos your mum thought you would bring her happiness yet you brought her pain and misery. Gej don make name you still dey eat mama thank ma. Loser who depends on mummy’s food to survive. Sheep.