Dear Nigerians, Please Forgive Me – President Jonathan

The outgoing Nigerian president, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has pleaded with all Nigerians to forgive him.


He also made it known that most of his decisions during his eight years as a president were to the best interest of the the whole of the country and not for his own selfish purpose. He went further by saying that if in any of these decision has hurt or got any Nigerian offended, he is deeply sorry.

Not long ago, the Former Bayelsa state governor, Mr. Timipre Sylvia,  revealed how he got betrayed by President Goodluck Jonathan, calling him a great betrayal.


  1. These is a nice purblished, well, concernin president Good Luck Ebele Jonathan, I think this is not the right tym for him to be pleadin for forgiveness. He has done some dat d whole nigeria will nevr forget him. Both d bad n d Good. Thank u.

  2. I don’t think Mr.President wrote this.Dis is pure fabrications.He only Spent 6yrs in office-2yrs of Yaradua’s n 4yrs of his not 8yrs as de article claimed.Stop publishing demeaning articles against our president.Dis is unacceptable.I think GMB should sanitize de social media from writing craps against de presidency wtout proper facts n figures bfor publishing

    • We have the freedom of the press under our democracy. If the publication injured you in any way, you have the right under our law to sue for redress in the court of law. So, the president can not sanitize anything, unless he wants to encroach on the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

  3. People like gossip a lot. Why will somome just wake up to write nonsense about someone. Please we should repent na. The GEJ I know does nt speak such grammar. U chooses his words.


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