Denrele Edun – “I’m Comfortable With My Style”


Rumors filtered in days ago that Denrele Edun wants to change from a man to a woman.

In a recent interview with Encomium, the TV personality debunked the rumor saying: –

“If I was trying to be a lady, I am deceiving my conscience, and living a lie. I’m just comfortable with the person I am. I am comfortable with my identity I have built over the years. I am comfortable with the brand that is selling my market.”

“I was a bit confused about my identity while growing up. Everyday, people would ask me if I was a girl or a boy. Even at the University, most time, I open my chest and tell them I will open my trouser too if they can open theirs. We will just end up laughing about it. I like who I am. I can’t give up Denrele for anything”

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