Ekiti APC Youths Slam Factional Speaker, Lawmakers For Shunning Peace Meeting


Youths of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, under the aegis of Ekiti APC Youths Congress (EAYC) have described the APC lawmakers, including the embattled Speaker, Dr Adewale Omirin as enemies of the State and the partyfor shunning the peace meeting organised by elders in Ekiti State led by Afe Babalola (SAN) to find political solution to the crisis between the two factions in the State House of Assembly.

According to the youths, it was an insult on Ekiti State and its people for Omirin and the lawmakers to shun a meeting called by someone of Aare Afe Babalola’s standing.

“Omirin and his colleagues are making Ekiti people to hate the APC the more because they are behaving as if they are bigger than the State and its people,” the youths said.

The message by the youths was contained in a press statement issued on Thursday and jointly signed by Convener of the group Tope Ogunkuade and Secretary Comrade Tunji Adeleye.

“The personality of Aare Afe Babalola should be enough to convince anyone that is genuinely interested in the peace of Ekiti State to attend the meeting.

“If they had accused Governor Ayodele Fayose of planning to instigate the people to molest them, that would have made some kind of sense, not that childish claim that the governor planned to use police to arrest them.

“The question is, for what offence would they have been arrested? Or are they saying the police can just go about arresting people without committing any offence?” they queried.

The group also condemned Omirin for going on Adaba FM radio station in Akure to castigate the peace meeting.

“These people are just destroying our party because of their blinded desperation for power.

“Now, Ekiti people are seeing APC as a party of troublemakers, who are unmindful of the yearnings of the people for peace, development and political stability in the State.

“Those remote-controlling Omirin and his colleagues from Lagos, Oshogbo and Abuja should know that they are not helping our party in Ekiti and if they want to find out the level of damage they have done to the party, they should come to Ekiti and hear what people are saying,” the youths said.


  1. You’ll go on to remain youths as your name suggested. ‘What a child could not see standing,is quite clear to an elder sitting down’. What’s the purpose of having 200 police men on stand by if actually the meeting is for peace? Besides,according to a report,the state commissioner of police said he could not guarantee their safety. Moreover,why is the police given the job of seeing off from the state after the peace meeting and not escorting them to the House of Assembly complex which had been under lock ever since the face-off? Can Aare Afe Babalola guarantee their safety? These and more are the issues to be cleared before they should expose themselves to the meeting. More importantly,the state commissioner of police was quoted saying he could not guarantee their safety. Grow up you these youth and let not someone who is known for not keeping his words sway you from all you have laboured for in your state.

  2. These misguided youths will soon discover that Afe Babalola is not the biblical Solomon they take him for. He is as misguided as any of them. Is it because he has not yet denounced Fayose? Remember, Afe and Fayose were like cat and mouse during Fayose’s first time in office. Either the old man is afraid of Fayose or he is trying to protect his Business in Ekiti. He does not have the interest of any political parties at heart.

  3. I pity the so called youth, maybe they had been paid. Omode o mogun, o n pe lefo.-A child does not medicine calls it vegetable. Where had you ever heard there is a peace meeting with more than 200 policemen stand bye? If these people are killed, you will continue your life. Where was Afe Babalola when Fayose was committing those crimes that he is been accused of. I pray that you will come to your senses but I pray not too late.


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