Fayose, Ekiti Labour Leaders’ Conspiracy Won’t Stop Impeachment – APC

APC-FayoseThe All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State has said the conspiracy between labour union leaders and Governor Ayodele Fayose won’t stop the impeachment proceedings, if the lawmakers decide to carry out their constitutional duties.

The party said it was vindicated over the alarm it raised that the state labour leaders had joined forces with the governor to stall his impeachment by the 19 members of the House of Assembly.

The Ekiti APC in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, on Friday, said that the governor’s latest directive that workers should fill verification forms that would last for one month before he could pay workers’ salary was a confirmation of its allegation.

He alleged that the provocative action was in the full knowledge and cooperation of labour leaders who had been deceiving the state workers in a scheme clearly against their interests while the labour leaders smiled to the banks.

Olatubosun said the labour leaders were aware of the governor’s new initiative to fill verification forms.

“The exercise is billed to end on May 19 after which there will be a report to be submitted at the end of May.

“This will make workers angry and the labour leaders will pretend that they are unhappy. They will then mobilise workers for an indefinite strike to stall the governor’s impeachment”, he explained.

Olatubosun advised workers to be take their fate in their own hands as no amount of strike could stop the impeachment if the lawmakers wanted to carry out their constitutional duties.

“The lawmakers are not civil servants. The constitution does not say lawmakers cannot sit when workers are on strike. It is a pity that workers are facing their current challenges because they have a lawless, deceitful and uncaring governor”.

The APC spokesperson stated that the governor would have short-changed beneficiaries of the Conditional Cash Transfer scheme of the Millennium Development Goals instrument by N70,000, if not for its prompt outcry in the media.

“This morning, the governor quickly instructed that the remaining N40, 000 to the beneficiaries, who may start receiving their alerts any moment from now, be paid”.

The APC spokesperson asked that “if Fayose was not planning to pocket the balance of N70,000 per head totalling N155.7m, why didn’t he pay at once when the money had already been released by the MDGs office in Abuja more than five months ago?”

Meanwhile, the state government said it had commenced the payment of N100, 000 to each of the 2,250 beneficiaries of the CCT scheme, which will be released to their wallets accounts in four tranches on daily basis, starting from next Wednesday.


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