Fuel Scarcity: Read MTN Talk About Shutting Down

Nigeria’s leading mobile operator MTN, has stated that it may shut down its services within the next 24 hours due to the unavailability of diesel to power its power base stations.


Making this known via its Twitter handle, @MTNNG, the company hinted that the current diesel scarcity in most parts of Nigeria is hampering its ability to run its base stations effectively.

According to Akinwale Goodluck, the company’s corporate services executive, MTN’s reserves of diesel is running low and if the company is unable to receive additional supply of the product within the next 24 hours, customers may experience poor services.

The company further assured that it was doing its best to deliver uninterrupted service to its customers, it however apologised in advance for any outages or inconvenience that its customers may suffer.


Scarcity of petroleum products has hit major parts of Nigeria with consumers finding it increasingly difficult to purchase fuel which seems only available in black markets at a high price.

The Senate recently directed its committees on petroleum resources to commence investigations into the remote and immediate cause of the current fuel scarcity so as to bring reprieve to Nigerians.


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