God Made Buhari President To Fulfill His Plans For Nigeria – Osinbajo

Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has said that God chose President Muhammadu Buhari in order to fulfill his divine plans for Nigeria.

“After three failed attempts, God made Muhhamadu Buhari win his fourth attempt at becoming Nigeria’s president because it is the time for God to heal this nation,” Osinbajo said at an inauguration thanksgiving in Abuja on Saturday.

“God’s plan is to make Nigeria a nation that will be admired and respected among the nations of the earth; and this he intend to do by establishing truth and integrity, ensuring that corruption is eradicated, and resources meant for all are not cornered by few but used according to law, justice and equity to the benefit of all,” the vice president said.

The vice president further said: “The Lord wants a nation ruled only in accordance to law and justice, where the guilty are punished and the good are rewarded.
Listening to President Buhari deliver his inaugural speech, I am sure you will agree that he emphasize these three clear desires of God.”


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