Graphic Pic Of Policeman Who Killed Himself, His Colleague & The Girl They Were Fighting Over


Remember the story about the police officer who shot himself, his senior colleague and a recharge card seller named Chidinma over claims of infidelity? Well new facts have emerged about the story and a graphic pic from the horrific murder-suicide scene has also emerged.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened at Karu town near CBN quarters in Abuja on Thursday April 30th. The police corporal who had been dating the recharge card seller, went to see her on that fateful day and met her in company of another police officer who he immediately accused of sleeping with his girlfriend. The accusation was said to have made his senior colleague angry who then ordered him to leave the place or he will be dealt with. This was said to have enraged the police corporal who threatened to himself, the girl and the senior officer so that none of them will have the girl. True to his threat, he corked his gun and shot the girl first, then the police officer and then shot himself in the head. Graphic pic from the scene below…

Source: LIB


  1. This is quite arant nonsense. If he’s so much in love with the girl he’ld have married her knowing that such girl is doing her business to sustain herself.
    May his soul rust/roast in hell.

  2. Chai! Police nd women. Dats why some of dem die as HIV/AIDS carrier. They can’t take their eyes off any woman they see, even if she is a married woman they don’t care. Dats wat is killing dem

  3. I beg to ask: where is the head shot? Who filed this story, was he there? Somebody, get me a pinch of salt to take this story with!


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