I Feel Sorry For Those Calling Jonathan A Hero


Several Nigerians regarded the concession of defeat by immediate past president Goodluck Jonathan to President Muhammadu Buhari as heroic, even Buhari himself called Jonathan a statesman because of what he did, but singer and actress, Adokiye does not consider Jonathan a hero.

“I feel really bad for the Nigerians calling President Jonathan a hero. Hero to who please? Why waste your saliva and brain on someone who has brought poverty, national blackout, danger, unemployment, terror and insecurity to our dear nation,” she said.

“Don’t get me wrong, he was my president before now. His wife is even from my mum’s village, Ogu Bolo in Okrika and I know her home. So, they are my people. But my dear, he disappointed me. Someone that has seen poverty before but was blessed by God to change mankind. What did he do?

“He forgot us and started forming ‘big man’ for Nigerians. I bet he thought the world was his. Thank God for his mercy for not allowing him to come back to complete his mission of doom” the singer said.

In a chat with Vanguard Showtime, Adokiye said the people that worked for Jonathan did not work in the interest of the masses.

“They were all heartless people. People that could not feel the pains of the poor who put them there to serve then. If anybody by now is still calling Jonathan a hero that person should be checked,” she added.


  1. Adokiye God will bless you and your family you have spoken well.Those who called Jonathan a hero they need to be checked because they are in the same group a bunch of lunatic.

  2. You are a mental patient.All these your bad belle because Patience Jonathan didn’t give you that contract in okrika primary school renovation.Idoit,Animal and Mumu

  3. Haba, take it or leave it, Jona has penned his name in gold. I will not be surprised if he will be awarded the nobel prize for peace. People seems not to appreciate his concession of defeat. Don’t blame all d woes of 9ja on Jona. Yes, he didn’t get everything right,but he deserves some applause.

    • Well said Ochuko! To dat numb skull Ado or wetin be dat her yeye name. Make she go commit suicide but even ground go reject d rotten body.

  4. I don’t base in Nigeria.It is only in Nigeria Mumu like Adokiye will open dirty mouth and pussy full of maggots saturated with ammonia gas can behave like this.God punish you and your generation.

  5. She’s right, no option for than to concede defeat, he knows he has donne bad and d only way to save his head is that, he loves with millions by nigerian back 2011. And he start wit bad and end with worst.

  6. That is your opinion on Jonathan, if you thinks and follow the political invent in Nigeria, you will realise why lot of us called Jonathan a hero. To me, I scored Jonathan government 35% but then,he is a hero in the sence, he accepted defect at the right time to save this country. When Orubebe stop the INEC from releasing result, he was instructed to leave the process to go on 2) All the people that are benifecting from Jonathan would have prefered, he cancel the election and give reasons why the election should be canceled. If u want war, they will give to you. But than, it is the innocent Nigerians that will suffer. That phone call to Buhari brake the bone of his wife and other of his follower, that would had say no, to his leaving office. His performance is low but remain a hero .

  7. Adokiye, You spoke right. God bless you! from Bad to worse and some still feels he is a hero! Anyway, if NOI can be awarded by Yale University after the state 9ja was left after a term she coordinated as CME, anything can happen and won’t be surprised…

  8. Whaoooo. You deserve an award lady! Before GEJ, our electricity was without interruption, there was no insecurity, employment level was 100%, there was no poverty and insecurity. Boko Haram and even armed robbery, all started under GEJ.

    Our educational system was the best in the world. There has never been a a single strike in the educational sector before GEJ. Our hearth sector was the best equipped in the world and was functioning beyond expectation.

    Infrastructures like roads, water etc were comparable to that of USA and Beijing. Poverty was not known till GEJ came to power.

    Everything was perfect. So there was actually nothing for him to do. Since everything was perfect, what then were you expecting from him. Or are saying that those infrastructures you mentioned were actually in shambles before him?

    I wish to remind you that as we speak, the president of Nigeria is Buhari and not Jonathan. I wish to also remind you that this is day 2 of Buhari in power.

    I sincerely hope that this is not a way of distracting us from looking out for the change for which YOU voted.

    You said that GEJ has not done anything the reason why you voted for change. He gallantly bowed out. Please give us the change and stop distracting us.

    You have the power, fix the infrastructures you mentioned. What are we waiting for. Jonathan is out of the way, fix things. That is what we want to hear and see. NO STORIES.

  9. Adokiye,that’s your own opinion that his not a hero. GEJ is being celebrated world wide. Who you follow determines what follows you GEJ decided to follow the right path and he has written his name in gold. You’re just jealous…!

  10. Look at a dog that called herself Adokiye, you think that to rule over a whole Nigeria is to spread ur legs for mens?
    Just seat to the office of president a week, let me see if u won’t be mentally disorganise.

  11. She’s right, Jonathan has spoilt and crumbled every known good structure he met. He succeeded in showing us he has no clue to governing this nation. Hero ko Zero ni!!

  12. GEJ,is never a hero,the defect,he conceded to President Buhari,was as a result of the agreement, he signed before the election,to accept,the outcome of whatever might be the result of the election,if you like crucify me,through,your comments,i will maintain my stand,that GEJ,was never a hero.

  13. Who’s fault is it dat u have not become popular in d movie industry or in d entertainment industry if u call urself a singer. After all I don’t see any manager who can manage a porous empty numb skull like yours. People are talking serious matter and u open dat gutter mouth of yours to spread virus. We reject it! It’s u we re sorry for cos even the ground will reject ur corpse for dat nonsense u said. Rubbish!!!

  14. Jonathan is a good man.no doubt.Jonathan did an honourable thing by accepting defeat.no doubt.
    But is he really a hero for doing the right thing.it is a pity our so called graduates condensed heroism to doing just a singular activity.where is your thinking cap,I know some of you have thrown it into the lagoon why not do yourself a favour and get another one


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