Icelandic Students Create Organic Shampoo From Cow Urine


A group of Icelandic students are trying to take the hair-care industry by storm with a shampoo made with cow urine. OddityCentral has more:

The young entrepreneurs claim historical records show Icelandic women once mixed cow urine with water when washing their hair, because of the ammonia, vitamins and minerals it contains. So they decided to revive the ancient tradition and created an all organic shampoo using cow urine as the main ingredient.

“Despite the critics, some people will think it exciting and want to give it a try,” said co-creator Anton Reynir Hafdisarson. “Icelandic history tells us that girls used to mix urine into their washing water to clean and beautify their hair.”

“The product is 100 percent organic with no artificial ingredients or harmful by-products,” Anton said, adding that he uses it every day and couldn’t be happier with the results. However, despite adding ingredients like coconut oil, sunflower oil, and other fragrances to mask the smell of urine, a strong nose can still detect it. “Some people think there is still a slight whiff of urine in the soap,” the students admitted. “But that might just be because they know what’s in the product. We think it is not noticeable.”