Japanese Hotel Offers Special “Crying Rooms” To Women Looking To Relieve Stress


In an attempt to help women de-stress, a Japanese hotel is offering special crying rooms where ladies can let it all out. OddityCentral reports:

The Mitsui Garden Yotsuya hotel in Shinjuku offers women looking to release tension or overcome emotional issues special accommodations designed for crying. They are stocked with luxury tissues that can be used to ‘gently wipe away tears’, as well as a steam eye mask to ‘avoid swollen eyes’ the following morning.

A selection of sentimental manga comic books and films are also provided, including tear-jerkers such as Forrest Gump and South Korean film A Moment to Remember.

The hotel management said that the rooms are a part of their initiative to help customers de-stress and overcome emotional problems. The crying rooms are part of a special promotional package available until August 31, at 10,000 Japanese yen (approximately $80) per night. Unfortunately, crying rooms are available exclusively to women, so men in search of a place to sob will have to look elsewhere.


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