Jonathan Lied To Us About 2nd Niger Bridge, Ohaneze Tells Buhari

2nd niger bridge

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Caretaker Committee, yesterday, told the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, that President Goodluck Jonathan lied to the Igbo nation about awarding contract for the construction of the Second Niger bridge and major federal roads in the South East.

The committee listed Enugu-Awka-Onitsha Expressway and Enugu-Umuahia-Aba Expressway as prove of their allegation, noting that up till now, work was yet to start at the sites.

According to the committee, no financial commitment had been made by the Federal Government to commence the construction of the Second Niger Bridge, saying that those were deceptive campaign messages to Ndigbo. The committee said this during its congratulatory visit to Buhari at the Defence House in Abuja.

“This is a delegation of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Caretaker Committee, who proudly took side with you, convinced that what Nigeria needs today is the leadership that you will provide to rebuild our battered and pulverised nation,” said Chief Ralph Obioha, leader of the delegation, who spoke on behalf of the Committee.

“The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Caretaker Committee is fully aware of the difficult and daunting work that has befallen on your shoulders. And we are here to offer our commitment that Ndigbo will stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this mission to reconstruct our nation.

“We are also aware that our cry of marginalization is not unique to our region, but ours stands out as an SOS case as a region criminally neglected and abandoned by the outgoing administration.

“During your campaign tours, you saw things for yourself and needless reminding Your Excellency that South-east is an emergency case. You drove through the badly neglected and impassable Enugu-Awka-Onitsha Expressway and the Enugu-Umuahia-Aba Expressway, needless to mention the Oba-Okigwe Highway.

“Contrary to the election claims by the outgoing administration, no appreciable work is going on these roads, information has shown that no financial arrangement has been firmed up for the Second Nigeria Bridge. The Oputa Panel report has been gathering dust and Ndigbo have pleaded for the revisitation of the so-called abandoned property in Nigeria and its collateral reparation demand.

“One common denominator is that unknown to a vast majority of Nigerians, Ndigbo were the silent majority supporters of General Muhammadu Buhari, GMB, but a twist of ‘what is wrong with Nigerian’ electoral result cannot prove it.”

Obioha also urged Buhari to ensure the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation is ceded to the South-east.

“This body, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Caretaker Committee, is a baby conceived by Chris Ngige and delivered by Chief Mbazulike Ameachi and handed over to Ndigbo to check excesses of the people who were just agents of a pre-determined agenda.

“Your Excellency, you were aware that the South-east was targeted by the PDP rigging machine which produced an election result that denied the zone of even a single senator and only three non-ranking House of Representatives members.

“Ndigbo request that you adopt the principle of necessity to give the zone the position of Secretary to the Government of the Federation which is your prerogative and in addition, a position of one Presiding Officer in the House of Representatives,” he stated.

Obioha said Buhari had assured them that he is going to treat the entire nation as his constituency for all “and we believe him”.


  1. As far as de Igbos r concerned de so called Ohaneze Ndigbo doesn’t speak for us we kn dem to be bunch of political sycophants who r after dea belle.Dea words doesn’t count in igbo land if Buhari lik he should be romancing wt dem we dnt kia.De r cowards n greedy set of ppl who is ready to sell dea birthright for a plate of porrage.We r wholly disappointed in u. Beggars

  2. This gang calling themselves “ohaneze care taker committee” do not take care of anything or anybody in Igbo land if anything, they are a disgrace to the Igbo nation. The only Ohaneze recognized by the Igbo nation is the one under the leadership of Chief Igariwqey and no genuine Igbo would denounce their support for Jonathan. Jonathan could certainly do more for Nigeria, not just Igbo, but by the very constraining condition he found himself in, any right thinking igbo would know that beyond infrastructure, Dr Goodluck Jonathan did so much more to restore humanity to Ndigbo and that mostly was the reason for the gang-up against him. Ask any Igbo who was in the forces before Jonathan what life was like. Why was it an established policy to deny Igbo an international airport, why was it govt policy to retire Igbo officers prematurely before him, why wait impossible to have Igbo head the army, why was it anathema to let Igbo head the police. If these people think they are speaking for igbo., theyy should think deeply before going out on their knees to disgrace the Igbo nation. Jonathan did not lie to any body. Government project like the so called Niger brigdge were not the most important thing to Igbo, why can’t they raise questions on the plight of Igbo in the north which was why most thinking Igbo were wary of Buhari, what of the deliberate structurally disadvantage of the Igbo with 5 states. I have kept asking all who think that Buhari was the messiah we must all die for what Buhari said on these most vital issues. ANY ONE WHO DENIES YOUR HUMANITY CANNOT RESTORE IT BY MERE NICETIES; and you must be before you ask for things.

  3. Shameless Syncophants!
    Men without honour and intergrity. Speaking for their stomarch and greed.
    A man, A real man stands by his words and actions even unto death. A republican can never apologise to a democrate for his actions vice versa. But look at you! Just look at you as inglorious as they come. Igbos stand by their actions no apologise.

  4. I wonder why in this Millennium age people are still talking like those from the Nigerian Barbaric age. Don’t you know that all these tribal, religious and sectional sentiments have died with the civil war in Nigeria? Allah (S.W.T.A.) the Almighty have created Nigeria and Nigerians to be one Nation and one people respectively. Every one has his God given right to be any tribe or live in any part of the country. We’re one people and one Nation and no one can ever change that.I think it’s high time we should discard all tribal, religious and sectional sentiments and force ourselves to learn how love and live with each other

    • May almighty God bless you and your entire generation. We really need to cleanse ourselves of this tribal and ethnic issue. The ultimate journey of our nation to greatness begins the day we see ourselves as one.