Local Contractors Accuse Kano Govt Of Refusing To Settle N60bn Debt

kwankwasoGovernor Rabiu Kwankwaso has been accused by local contractors who handled various projects for the state government of refusing to pay over N60 billion debt owed them.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, the Chairman of Nigeria Indigenous Contractors Association, Kano branch, Auduwa Maitangaran, said the outstanding debts have affected the lives of most of his members.

“We today find ourselves in a total mess with banks and other debtors nagging them to pay back what they have collected from them”, he said.

Mr. Maitangaran said apart from the high debt owed the local contractors, the Kwankwaso administration had a preference for foreign contractors for projects in the state.

Reacting to the claim, the governor said though he was not sure of the total amount owed the contactors, a large chunk of it would be settled before leaving he leaves office on May 29.

He noted that his administration was still executing projects and paying contractors.

Mr. Kwankwaso said he inherited N77 billion and $200 million debt from his predecessor and had settled a large part of it.


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