Man Tattoos His Body With Hundreds Of Logos Of His Favorite Brands [PHOTOS]


A tattoo artist from Mumbai, China, is on a quest to cover his body with hundreds of brand logos that have had an impact on his life. Scoop has more:

“I know it seems insane but these tattoos are my way of giving thanks to the brands that have made an impact on my life,” said 23-year-old Jason George. The logos inked all over his body include those of his favorite TV channel, mobile phone networks, fast food chains, and social networking sites. “All the logos that you will find on my body have a special place in my heart. They are related to my life in some way and I have memories and stories attached to these brands.”

He began in May last year, managing to get 144 logos tattooed in just one month. He later upped the number to 189, raising the total number of tattoos on his body to 197.

He’s spent over 3 lakh rupees ($4,500) on his passion, earning himself a place in India’s Limca Book of Records. His next goal is to get into the book of Guinness World Records by reaching 321 logo tattoos. He is apparently willing to turn himself into a walking advertising billboard, for free.