Managing Nigeria’s Economy Has Made Me Develop High Blood Pressure – Okonjo-Iweala


Falling oil prices have put Nigeria’s economy at risk, with revenues falling and the government having to cut spending so as to be able to fund the 2015 budget.

The economic state of the country is affecting the health of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi okonjo-Iweala, who disclosed, Tuesday, that the task of managing the nation’s economy has given her a high blood pressure.

Mrs Okonjo-Iweala is, however, not the only government official the current state of the economy has affected; the Minister of State, Amb. Bashir Yuguda , the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Mrs Anastasia Daniel-Nwaobia and about 70 per cent of the ministry’s staff  have also developed High Blood Pressure.

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“70 per cent of my staff have high blood pressure. This goes to show the amount of stress we go through. All three of us here (referring to herself, Amb. Yuguda and the Perm. Sec.) have high blood pressure,” the minister said while commissioning a new clinic and a crèche at the Finance ministry in Abuja.

“Minister of State has High BP and you are on medication.  Perm Sec has and I have. The amount of stress in the ministry is unbelievable. Many times we are in the office until 1am, looking for ways … to push out money to make payment.  Many people don’t know this.

“We now have a clinic so that people can go and check quickly up when they start having headache before someone collapses.

“I want to on behalf of myself and my High Blood Pressure colleagues say that I am happy to commission this clinic.  Minister of State, please forgive me for letting out the secret , you know how I talk- I am very open,” Okonjo-Iweala said.


  1. Is it a do or die affair? I’m sorry to say, you and ur cabinet are all big thieves and it is that high blood pressure that will kill u untimely.

  2. What is the result of her effort on the economy?
    Why did she not advise Jonathan to try another person?
    She does not deserve any sympathy.

  3. keep a doctor and a traumatologizt close by , lady. A sick nation is a nation of sick leaders . And don’t forget. to. keep an oxygen bottle close by just in case because the probes are yet to come

  4. Why can’t people focus on the actual story in this article. Are we so obsessed with sensational news that we can’t even comprehend the simple fact the Mrs Iweala was talking about how the hospital would be beneficial to civil servants? Please let us focus on what is important.


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