Meet The Old Chinese Man Who Is Looking For A Family To Adopt Him In Exchange For…

Pic shows: Pensioner Xun Qi has put an advert offering to give his pension to any family whilling to adopt him. A lonely pensioner has put an advert in his local paper offering to give his pension to any family willing to adopt him. Retired civil servant Xun Qi, 75, has been living alone since his wife died and his career quit to start her own family. His son Hun,48, only makes rare visits as he lives to far away and has family and work commitments.  He placed the heart rendering ad  in a paper  in the Changzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province after suffering depression since his carer left him to get married 10 years ago. Xun Qi said of his career, of whom he was very fond: "She was going to marry some day or another; she couldn’t have stayed with me forever. I sent her off in 2005 as if it were my own daughter getting married, and I’ve been on my own ever since." Xun Qi,  has no friends and  wanders around the house aimlessly, desperately  hoping for  someone to talk to and that is why he has offered his 638GBP a month pension to anyone willing to take him in. He said: "I’m the only one at home. Time passes very slowly, and it’s very depressing. All I do is talk to myself and flip through old photo albums." Original from Qingdao, a major city in east China’s Shandong Province, Xun Qi came to Changzhou for work in 1972. He retired in 1999 and rarely sees his  family who are  back in Qingdao. His only request is for the family to take care of him and keep him company in what he feels are his twilight years. He has also asked to be buried next to his wife upon his death who died in 1999. Xun Qi said:"  I  feel  this is the best option to find happiness once again, and with my physical condition deteriorating with old age,  I will also be able to live in peace, knowing that someone can take care of me.". Xun Qi’s son and granddaughter have given their approval to the old man’s idea. His granddaughter who is 16  said: "As long as he’s happy, then that’s fine. If a family ‘adopts’ him, I’ll visit him as frequently as possible." (ends)
Pic shows: Pensioner Xun Qi has put an advert offering to give his pension to any family whilling to adopt him. 

A lonely Chinese pensioner has recently posted a newspaper ad looking for a family willing to adopt him in exchange for his monthly pension. Read more from the OddityCentral:

75-year-old Huan Qi lost his wife in 1999, and all his relatives are either to busy or live to far away to visit him regularly. Tired of waking up to an empty house every day and feeling lonely and miserable, Huang decided desperate times require desperate measures.

He posted an ad in the local paper hoping to find a kind family willing to adopt and care for him in exchange for his monthly 6,000 yuan ($970) pension. He realises that the agreement will have to be beneficial to both parties, so he’s willing to let the chosen family live in his home rent-free, or move in with them if that’s what they want, and let out his own home.

Huan only asks two things of the family that decides to adopt him: that they understand his house will be inherited by his son and that they bury him next to his wife after he dies. He has already made arrangements for the burial expenses to be taken out of his savings, so not to burden his caretakers.


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